N, a member from idol group Vixx, is facing a quarter-life crisis and rants online.

On January 3, he went on his twitter to express, “I hate being an idol” and included a picture shocking many fans.

Inside the picture, he gives a faint smile while cutely holding a victory sign near his right eye. It looks like a girl is hanging onto his arm on the right, making some fans question whether he’s dating.

He creates another post an hour later, “I have to watch out for cameras and my manager… I can’t date… I have to do well… Ah, it’s hard…”

His agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, is also surprised about the outburst on twitter. One of the stylists commented three hours after he posted, “N, what are you doing~~~~ You’re doing so well!!!!!!”


Well damn. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't he in Season 2 of The Romantic & Idol?
2013 you are spoiling us. What will we do once it dies down??
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