love_allure 5th-Jan-2013 05:52 am (UTC)
3. Shinhwa was the troublemakers of SM. No matter how much Lee Soo Man tried to get them to rehearse, they'd just gather and read comic books or play on their cellphones all day. When it was about time for Lee Soo Man to come and check up on them, they'd spray water on themselves and pretend as if they rehearsed really hard all day. Lee Soo Man would eventually find out and get really mad at them, threatening them to leave the company if they're going to continue behaving like this. Other groups would've been scared and begged for another chance but Shinhwa started packing their bags, forcing Lee Soo Man to hold them back, saying he was joking ㅋㅋ

oh shinhwa ♥. lol i mean if they rehearsed more, maybe hye sung wouldn't have locked himself in a closet to cry after reviewing their performance because his hand was crooked instead of being straight like the others. shit i wish i still remembered what show he said this in. lmfao of course this could be all fake though, how'd they get this info?
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