Seoul’s Seodaemun Police Station has revealed that an arrest warrant was filed against Go Young Wook on January 4th KST.

The former Roo’ra member has been accused of sexual assault against a minor. According to the police, Go Young Wook approached 13-year-old Ms. Kim on the afternoon of December 1, 2012 on the streets of Seodaemun. After getting her to enter his vehicle, he allegedly pinched her thigh and molested her. Footage of the young girl entering Go Young Wook’s car has been captured and confirmed on CCTV.

It’s also been revealed that Go Young Wook told the young girl that he was a scout looking for singers.

The celebrity was accused of sexually assaulting another minor last year at his apartment, and recently Ms. Kim stepped forward to file charges against him as well. Though the police requested to issue an arrest warrant at the time, the courts reasoned that there was no indication that he would flee or destroy evidence.

One officer stated, “The reason the charges against Mr. Go have been delayed for months is because the complainant has not responded to [requests by the police to investigate]. He’s currently denying the charges.”

It’s been reported that Go Young Wook was interrogated for seven hours at the police station and has requested a lawyer.

Source: Star News via Nate Shared by Allkpop

Go Young Wook‘s phone call with another young woman has been revealed.

JTBC‘s ‘Entertainment Exclusive‘ revealed an interview with an informer who claimed that Go Young Wook had asked to meet her before, during when he was laying low after the first time he was accused of sexually assaulting a minor last year (this was before being accused once again by another minor recently).

She was 18 years old at the time, and through the interview with the show, she stated, “When I first heard it was Go Young Wook, I was surprised. I was scared because he had been in a bad situation. I thought that something would happen if I kept in contact with him.”

She then revealed their recorded phone call, in which Go Young Wook said, “Is there anyone next to you?” When the woman stated that she was alone, he continued,“You can treat me with ease, I’m not a celebrity, I’m unemployed now.” When the woman asked if his sexual assault case was over, he said, “It’s not all over yet. The police made up things that never happened and spread it to the media. If we get a chance, we should quietly meet up. I’ll contact you by KakaoTalk. When you get my messages, erase them all.”

The minor also revealed during the interview, “He asked me to meet up. Not in the daytime, but on a weekend evening. He said going around outside was difficult for him, so he wanted to meet and eat where he worked.”

Currently, an arrest warrant has been filed against Go Young Wook for another minor 13 years of age has stepped forward with sexual assault accusations and the police is said to have collected CCTV evidence for the new accusation.

Source: Newsen Shared by Allkpop
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