Psy's fans in Asia are hoping “Right Now” will debut as a single in the United States. This is why Americans should get on board.

"Right Now" is part of Psy's fifth album, PSYFIVE. It was released in South Korea two years before "Gangnam Style."

Song starts at 0:42 of the video.

The song is his declaration of self-defiance, to remain crazy, and not to submit because he is cool like that.

Despite the positive message, South Korea's Ministry of Gender Equality and Family slapped "Right Now" with a R-19 rating.

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It is all because of this line in the song: "Insangeun dokhan suligo" (Life is like toxic alcohol). The rating makes the song and music video banned from broadcast and promotions, as well as the video getting the "age-restricted" treatment on YouTube. The ban was only lifted last October 2012 after policy changes.

"Right Now" is arguably, stylistically better than "Gangnam Style".

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The music video of "Right Now" is currently the third most-viewed video in Psy's official YouTube channel (that is, if you remove six other "Gangnam Style"-related clips). Judging by the mostly-positive feedback on YouTube, Psy's fans believe "Right Now" is proof that he is no one-trick pony.

Like "Gangnam Style", "Right Now" has an alternate version.

It is not a different song, though, but another version of the music video featuring actress Seo Woo. Psy only appeared in a handful of sequences.

It also has a catchy dance step.

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Swaying your hips around while caressing your torso puts less stress to your knees, unlike the invisible horse dance of "Gangnam Style."

Lastly, performing "Right Now" is awesome in concert!(OP AGREES!)

There's a reason why Psy is dubbed Asia's "King of Concerts."

If all those reasons fail, at least give Psy the chance to wear this in America!

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Rub the GIF if you like! (Please go to the BUZZFEED source for this experience. XD)

Source: BUZZFEED, Official PSY Youtube Channel, Youtube

<3 this song & yes indeed this is PSY's best single. THOSE WHO WERE SAYING THAT ARE FINALLY JUSTIFIED! XDDD
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