Tablo‘s drawn out battle against ‘Tajinyo‘, or ‘We demand the truth from Tablo’, has finally come to an end.

Back in July, the members of Tajinyo requested for an appeal against their sentencing, and months later in October, the Seoul District Court rejected the appeals and sentenced three members to serve 10 months in jail while six others were sentenced to an 8-10 month suspended sentence for 2 years.

However, three individuals, Kim, Lee, and Song, later appealed again. Lee and Song ended up dropping out on their own, leaving Kim to pursue the appeal by himself.

The Seoul District Court has now denied the appeal of the last remaining member, Mr. Kim, and upheld their previous ruling, sentencing him to serve an 8-month suspended sentence for 2 years.

Back in 2010, Tajinyo made malicious claims about the validity of Tablo’s degrees from Stanford University.

With this, Tablo’s long saga with Tajinyo has finally come to an end.

Source: AKP, Nate, TVdaily
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