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With the debut of 4minute‘s sub-unit 2YOON nearing, details have been revealed about Gayoon and Jiyoon‘s upcoming mini album, ‘Harvest Moon‘!

With the title and the country-themed teaser photos revealed, we had all been guessing at what type of project the unit had in mind. Well it seems we have our answer for Cube Entertainment has revealed that 2YOON will be attempting a genre never before tried in the world of Kpop – country pop!

The title track “24/7” is described to be a country pop dance track, and it sings of wanting to find enjoyment and freedom each day, escaping from the confinements of everyday life.

They say the track is guaranteed to have you nodding to the upbeat melody, and will of course, showcase the vocals of the two members.

In addition, comedian Jung Hyung Don will be making a cameo in the upcoming music video, adding to the fun atmosphere.

Stay tuned for the release on the 17th!

source: alkpop + cubeunited

love their logo and styling ; o;

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