ashiva 15th-Jan-2013 02:30 pm (UTC)
Apparently the translation has errors:

1.So the schedule for Nicola's show has yet to be released."
<- This is a wrong sentence. I think you wanted this sentence translated. "따라서 니콜라 포미체티 쇼에서는 음원만 공개될 예정이다" This sentence means " So, in Nicola's show, he will reveal only the digital single music." This meaning is G-dragon will not be in the Nicola's show. GD will not physically feature in the show. I think GD just allows Nicola to use his new single. I think Nicola asks GD to use GD's new song using friendship relationships.

2.YG Entertainment's official who on the afternoon of the 15th, called OSEN
<- The article was not said who called who. Just saying they had telephone conversation

Source: http://bigbangupdates.com/2013/01/g-dragon-to-debut-new-single-thru-lady-gagas-stylists-show.html#comment-768398234
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