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unicornios 15th-Jan-2013 10:33 pm (UTC)
My inner fashionista is cringing at most of these outfits.
f(x) are flawless, except for Victoria's skirt. I shamelessly live through Krystal and her amazing fashion choices.

I don't know anyone in T-Ara but the girl with the blue and grey coat looks good. Sideyeing the fuck out the girls in mini shorts and skirts though. Isn't it like freezing cold in SK?

I see you Hyorin, channeling your inner Snooki. Gurl no...

They guys did it better in general. Except for Zelo in his mismatched shoes. How about if we don't baby Zelo? You need help.

But someone link Jiyong to one of those articles that explain why it's not cute wearing Boy London.
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