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heartsolid 15th-Jan-2013 11:24 pm (UTC)
I'm excited about all the solo stuff (hopefully there's a chance of GD&TOP Vol 2, especially since TOP doesn't like promoting solo). *Does TOP like to act btw? I haven't seen him act, so I was wondering if it was something he wants to do or something YG persisted on. Boy is so funny & charismatic in variety - I wish him and all the boys together could do variety more often.

I'm so happy Dae finally has his moment to really shine as an artist - I hope Japan/everybody shows his album love so he's reassured he has amazing talent.

Seungri looks like he enjoys his solo time in Japan so hopefully he'll strengthen his fanbase there.

Tae seems to have solid comebacks - I enjoyed both HOT & SOLAR comebacks (especially HOT) so I'm looking forward to see how he's matured musically and as a dancer.... and perhaps for the possible lol's xD. I enjoy his interviews too.
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