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tempestdance 16th-Jan-2013 04:05 am (UTC)
Eh, the thing is both have received a lot of flak for the scandal. Some people found it disgusting that Eunhyuk possibly slept with a minor (or at least was a minor at the time of photo), some people was outraged that it was Eunhyuk of all people, IU got a lot of shit from SuJu fans for putting up the photo in the first place (whether it was an accident or not), IU has been and still is being called a slut and other sexist, disgusting things.

Eunhyuk's side is trying to lighten up the issue by making a joke out of it, IU's side is trying to deny the whole thing. The two companies should really straighten out and at least agree on what their stance will be - until then this whose fault was it and omg how dare s/he argument from the netizens will not end.
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