9:55 pm - 01/15/2013

Fuse's 44 Most Anticipated Albums of 2013 ft. SNSD and Psy

Who: The nine-member (yes, NINE) K-pop girl group Girls' Generation who became fast friends with Kelly Ripa when they performed their first international single "The Boys" (released in Korean and English)

What: An American version of their I Got A Boy Korean album (released New Years Day)
When: 2013
What We Know: The group is in talks with Interscope Records to release an American version of their latest Korean album though a date, title, and track details are undecided. If a nine-member Korean group making it in the U.S. sounds like a stretch remember two members are from America! Yet we think most will react like David Letterman -- with nine women writhing in front of them, he looked like he could barely control himself!

Who: The artist with the most-viewed video ever on YouTubePsy (which means a new Psy music video AND a new dance, how could we NOT be excited?!)
What: Psy's new international album, still untitled, that will feature both Korean and English tracks with possible production by Diplo and guest appearance by 2 Chainz
When: February or March
What We Know: He has global appeal now, but Psy has expressed he wants to release his new single in Korean with an accompanying dance featuring "some sports move". The K-pop veteran has said he wants a solo comeback single to prove he can have similar success as "Gangnam Style" without the help of another big name. Can he deliver a song that crosses language barriers...AGAIN?!

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 american promotions means more hairporn and sooyoung love~
aeries_amethyst 16th-Jan-2013 06:55 am (UTC)
Can we get back this hair first though?





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xx_pinkstar 16th-Jan-2013 05:07 pm (UTC)
her bangs ruin my life

aeries_amethyst 17th-Jan-2013 02:33 am (UTC)
Her bangs just restrain the gloriousness of her hair T___T

Her hairflips gave me life...Those bangs are my kryptonite OTL
achan123 17th-Jan-2013 05:01 am (UTC)
i dont get it... does she have bangs in this gif? aren't bangs supposed to be on ur forehead? sorry, i dont know hair terminology much :/
aeries_amethyst 17th-Jan-2013 06:49 am (UTC)
She doesn't have bangs in this gif but she does have bangs now. This gif was from The Boys era where she had really flawless hair. Her hair now is kind of tame and her bangs aren't doing her any favours.
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