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heartsolid 16th-Jan-2013 07:59 am (UTC)
...didn’t release a song that’s like every other song

lol well that's for damn sure.

This song is clearly different from Girls’ Generation’s usual songs, and so people initially are repulsed by the song.

Except not really. You could have given this song to Rihanna and people would have still went WTF for a long moment.

And even when they say the girls were joking about the "AYO GG" part I 1) think they are just covering up their mistake by laughing it off 2) Unless you're The Lonely Island, people don't listen to music for jokes or for you to take your profession/their money loosely by tossing something random and awkward in the first single after a year. Just admit you thought it was fly

Whatever my opinion of the song I find these articles lulzy and nearly pointless. It's excuses; Like they're going "Ok since you guys don't like it now this isn't 'hip-hop,' song/concept or the song isn't messy its supposed to leave you breathless, etc. Not everyone is going to take to every single in an explosive "OMG I love it - this is my jam!!~" light. Get over it and just continue to enjoy the comeback.
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