zhou mi is pretty
sobaek 16th-Jan-2013 08:06 am (UTC)
I like the choreography, I like the change in styling, and I like that they aren't just flailing their bare legs about like they usually did. Hell, I even like parts of the song, I just don't like ow it does together and anytime one of them says 'ayo' 'let me put it down another way' etc I cringe so hard. If it didn't slow down and speed up so erratically, if the different sections flowed together better instead of sounding like different songs just spliced together, it would work.
It's not like I have anything against irregular song structures. Totally different genre but a Dir en grey song titled 'yokusou ni dreambox aruiwa seijuku no rinen to tsumetai ame' similarly has sections where the tempo suddenly switched, from being pretty slow and regular through a majority of the song, to rapid blast beats, with the vocalist switching from smooth vocals to shrieks, roars and shouts. I love that song. Because they pull it off. They make that switch and it works. Partially to d with the actual music genre, partly just because it was done well.

This wasn't done well. It's messy in the wrong way, it doesn't suit the enre hey are working in and they've not pulled it off. In My humble opinion.
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