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In a talk with the company's CEO about their new office building as well as the history of the company, it was revealed that FNC Entertainment will be debuting a new idol band later this year. Calling them free-spirited and funky, the new band is surely expected to hold a different concept from the company's other bands CNBLUE and FT Island.

FNC Entertainment's CEO revealed that "The next band will be more free and inhibited," and "A male band debuting this year leaves the modesty that CNBLUE has. They are a funky band and enjoy themselves well", explaining the differences with their current artists. FT Island is considered to be a dynamic young band with focus on Hongki's vocals, while CNBLUE inhibits a more pop oriented sound.

The concept and idea of a funky, jazzy rock band was already revealed a while ago, when it was discovered that some idol group members had been FNC trainees before appearing in their current groups. It's also rumored that the younger brother of FT Island member Seunghyun, Sehyun, as well as former CNBLUE member Kwangjin might be possible candidates for the line-up of this new upcoming band.

FNC Entertainment is known for its idol bands FT Island and CNBLUE, solo artist and former FT Island member Oh Wonbin and M Signal. They also debuted solo singer Juniel as well as girl group/idol band AOA last year.

Will you be anticipating this new band?

Sources: Koreaboo and Yonhap News
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