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SNSD on Sketchbook

thebootyfaerie 19th-Jan-2013 04:58 pm (UTC)
Is anyone else super bothered that the one woman's cat-paw-things are a different shade of yellow than all the other yellows?

Because it is super bothering me.
epona 19th-Jan-2013 05:06 pm (UTC)
Tiffany, and yes lol. this is their second time in these outfits and it bugs me so much.
flame_angel88 19th-Jan-2013 05:33 pm (UTC)
It really bugged me too. I used to like her but she has been quite irritating since the last round of promotions.
heartsolid 19th-Jan-2013 06:04 pm (UTC)
Why you do you find her irritating? jw
flame_angel88 20th-Jan-2013 07:59 am (UTC)
It started out with her adlibs for the Boys which I found totally unnecessary and don't even go well with the song. It might be the company's arrangment. Irritating yes, but I don't dislike her for that.

I don't follow SNSD closely but from the live performances I've seen, she's been really slacking especially when she's at the back. Yet when she's in front of the camera, she has this too in-your-face "look at me now I'm so pretty" look. Her job to show off herself in the camera, but it's so overdone, and condering that she's not making any effort except when the camera is on her, I don't like it. :(

It seems that SM has been trying to promote her with TTS and the number of solo lines she has in this song. I hope she grabs the chance and do better.
heartsolid 21st-Jan-2013 02:49 am (UTC)
I agree with all of this.
I was wondering if it was just me getting irritated with her recently. Her yearning for attention especially - I think she's a sweet girl but I can't get pass the fact that she's vain. :/
flame_angel88 21st-Jan-2013 02:56 pm (UTC)
Yes, she is a sweet girl but her recent portrayal of herself has been quite a turn-off :/
gabbiesss 21st-Jan-2013 09:31 am (UTC)

but i still love her though
flame_angel88 21st-Jan-2013 02:57 pm (UTC)
She is very cute and sweet~!
mentality34 19th-Jan-2013 08:33 pm (UTC)
lol she's been bugging me too ._. i keep on seeing her mess up in the performances and it's really getting to me. after a certain point, i started wondering if the routine actually requires her to mess up LOL
imyoona 19th-Jan-2013 09:52 pm (UTC)
Wow, so I am not a fan of Tiffany so my mind mentally blocks her from perf unless the camera is on her, but I was telling my friend how I was proud of her and Jess for doing so well despite not being strong dancers but I just focused on her because of your comment and she doesn't even try to do the dance properly when she's in the back.

I take all my praise back!
funkaliciousss 19th-Jan-2013 05:36 pm (UTC)
me too and not onyl is it a different shade of yellow it is really ugly.
feel_my_mind 19th-Jan-2013 08:11 pm (UTC)
The cat paws things in general are bothering me. They need to go byebye.
craver199103 19th-Jan-2013 05:00 pm (UTC)
Hyoyeon looks incredible in IGAB. I love her with this shade of blonde and that body though. THAT BODY THOUGH.
koushiba 19th-Jan-2013 11:06 pm (UTC)
THIS. I love the IGAB concept if only for the fact that Hyoyeon rocks it so well.
epona 19th-Jan-2013 05:06 pm (UTC)
I was hoping for a live band performance of IGAB. idk how they'd pull it off but it might be cool!
def their best performance of Dancing Queen.

and fany's neon arm warmers again...dnw.
pepper 19th-Jan-2013 05:48 pm (UTC)
That gif~ <3
tees2mai 19th-Jan-2013 05:54 pm (UTC)
why won't they perform express 999, baby maybe or talk talk :(
soft_daisy 19th-Jan-2013 06:45 pm (UTC)
ikr, baby maybe please! >< even on a radio show would be fine
b1gay4 19th-Jan-2013 09:31 pm (UTC)
talk talk u mean boomerang
rachelrainna 20th-Jan-2013 08:02 am (UTC)
chibiyunie 20th-Jan-2013 12:56 pm (UTC)
Totally agree.

I just hope that they might pick one of those songs to promote when they are done with their Japanese tour.
drownamydrown 19th-Jan-2013 06:41 pm (UTC)
Awwww Jessica looks so tired.
shocko_o 19th-Jan-2013 06:52 pm (UTC)
haha that's my favorite gif of her too.

btw: all of these songs sound so. much. better on sketchbook, especially dancing queen. these are my favorite live snsd performances this promotion round. if i'd had to show someone live performances of IGAB, this would be one of the videos. plus the simple background goes well with their elaborate styling and footwork.

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obeytheempress 20th-Jan-2013 09:08 am (UTC)
Every song sounds so much better when performed on sketchbook.
the_erotomanic 19th-Jan-2013 07:03 pm (UTC)
i really miss tiffany's and taeyeon's part in igab. i was hoping they'd perform the whole song on sketchbook. :o(
feel_my_mind 19th-Jan-2013 08:17 pm (UTC)
I'm glad I'm not the only one. Everyone seems to think its better without it.
djlancerock 19th-Jan-2013 10:02 pm (UTC)
ugh me too
lightframes 20th-Jan-2013 12:20 am (UTC)
Me, too.
feel_my_mind 19th-Jan-2013 08:15 pm (UTC)
You have a group of 9 girls, why would you perform a song with only two of them?

Would have loved for Promise, Talk Talk or Look at Me, but really any of them would do. (Ok, I really wanted Stay Girls or Not Alone, until I realized those were from the Japanese album).

But really anyone that says SNSD can't sing/does shit lives, better just shut up. Sure, they aren't theBESTSINGERSintheworld, but they can easily hold their own against any other kpop group. Which is scale they are usually compared on.

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misoras 20th-Jan-2013 10:39 am (UTC)
your last sentence, iasm.
b1gay4 19th-Jan-2013 09:31 pm (UTC)
pls perform baby maybe thats all i f✭cKing ask
aeries_amethyst 19th-Jan-2013 09:47 pm (UTC)

Baby Maybe is honestly my fave song off of the album :)
b1gay4 19th-Jan-2013 09:57 pm (UTC)
sunleth 19th-Jan-2013 09:56 pm (UTC)
Taeyeon sounds incredible in everything. So effortlessly good.
cruel_disorder 19th-Jan-2013 10:35 pm (UTC)
It's so noticeable that taeyeon's a better singer than Tiffany :\
lightframes 20th-Jan-2013 12:20 am (UTC)
Yeah but I mean she's the lead vocalist so it's to be expected, right?
xx_pinkstar 20th-Jan-2013 12:23 am (UTC)
I can't cope with them singing IGAB live, sounds like they're all about to have a collective asthma attack.
seung_is_my_ho 20th-Jan-2013 04:29 am (UTC)
geez do I have memory loss, because I don't remember sketchbook having such crappily recorded sound quality.
ladida90 20th-Jan-2013 08:58 am (UTC)
I wish they'd perform other songs from their new album. Express 999, xyz maybe baby would be really nice.

Taeyeon's voice is AMAZING however Tiffany has been really shaky lately.
chibiyunie 20th-Jan-2013 12:45 pm (UTC)

English subtitles for the talk part ~

Jessica looks so hot in that gif. My girl crush has been growing on her :}
Like the performances, although Lost In Love is just not doing it for me and I do not see a reason for it to be performed so much. Taeyeon is flawless though. I wish they would perform XYZ, Express 999 and Baby Maybe instead, but I have hopes that they might pick one of those songs as a new single after the Japanese tour? A girl can dream ~

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ullielvidina 20th-Jan-2013 01:29 pm (UTC)
Honestly, Lost in Love is exclusive for TaeNy shipper or so I read from Tumblr.
It's a nice song but quite boring.
Baby Maybe is good for the alternative and Express 999 too.
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