So, Donghae got a weibo account and the first thing he did was post a photo of him in the shower. ofc.

판 미팅하로 가기 절 깨끗하게 ^^ 사워 종 ㅎ
Need to get clean before going to the fan meeting ^^ Showering

Donghai: "Ni men zheng zai lai ma?? ^^ Da jia hen leng !! Ni men yi ding yao chuan yi fu !!^^"
[Everyone, are you on your way? It's cold! You all need to wear more clothes!]

There was, of course, more weibo and twitter fun when the fanmeeting ended.

Kyuhyun wo men de nanjing 'ge mi hui' xian zai jie su le!! qin ai de zhong guo E.L.F peng you men xie xie!! xin ku le^^ nimen xian zai shou kan de shi 'SJM'
[Our fanmeeting in Nanjing has ended! Thank you Chinese ELF, it's been hard on you! Everyone you are now watching SJM]

Donghae posted the same picture with a different message
Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 14.41.08
"All my dears!! Fan meeting have finished^^ We try so hard!! I love you guys!!Call me I'm waiting^^"

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 14.40.56
"Thank you everyone!!! Saw a lot people today, really happy!!Thank you!I love you all!"
"Really really really love you all!"

And Siwon gave the fans what they really wanted.
도촬. @GaemGyu 규현다리^^
[Secret shot. Kyuhyun's leg]

Siwon also posted this on weibo
["@Donghai1015 @GameGyu88 they have already said. Thank You for coming to our SJM Fan Party at Nanjing today. Thank You everyone! here is @GameGyu88's big thigh photo!"]

Wo zai hotel ^^ Wan an!!
I'm at the hotel ^^ Good night!!

Kyuhyun, of course, graced up with a 2am food shot.

现在吃多了。 吃饱了
[Just ate a lot. Full now.]

A few fancams and audio from Nanjing Fan Meeting

'Me' vocal harmony

Kyuhyun and Henry 'Those Years'

Break Down

Eunhyuk and Donghae 'Hello'

Music Billboard


A bit of audio from Nanjing Fan Meeting

Press Con: Here
LeTV: Here
音悦大来宾 (YinYueTai): Short interview on MV set here
Sina: Here
Youku: Here
Music Billboard: Previews here
eLive: unbroadcasted
大鹏嘚吧嘚 (DaPengDeBuDe): Here
YinYueFengYunBang: unbroadcasted
M Tencent: broadcasted but not subbed Here
Sohu: Here

Liaoning Spring Festival performance + Interview: Broadcast Feb 8th at 7pm
Jiangsu TV Unbroadcasted

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