The leader of 4-member group Wonderboyz (Bak Chi Ki, Young Boy, K & Master One), Bak Chi ki, has been casted in KBS 2TV's new weekly sitcom "Remaining Love" (Screenplay by Choi Soo Young and Lee Nam Gyu, Directed by Kwon Jae Young)  

On the 18th, ENT102 announced that «Bak Chi Ki auditioned for the role of a high school student in the sitcom “Remaining Love”, was found very suitable for the part and given the role. Please show lots of love and support.”

The sitcom “Remainin Love” that Bak Chi Ki is appearing in is a new and fresh dram aimed not only at adults, but also for teenagers. The drama ha gained attentioned for gathering actors like Lee Jae Ryung, Do J Won, Jeon Mi Seon, Lee Hoon and Kim Tae Hoon.

Bak Chi Ki confessed tha “Since this is my first time acting after my debut, I will have t do my very best and show people what I can do. It is my duty as representative for Wonderboyz.”

Wonderboyz is currentl working on a digital single for a February comeback.

Source Star News
Translation: fyWonderboyz@tumblr

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