Gayoon’s sexy bare back became a hot issue.

Recently, a photo posted on a message board online entitled “Heo Gayoon’s bare back” showing Gayoon at a shooting venue became a hot topic.

In the photo, Gayoon is wearing a white dress which only covers her arms and the lower half of her body, exposing her back. The absence of any trace of bra and her long hair covering her back and waist have attracted further attention.

Some netizens commented, “There aren’t many people with figures which can make this dress look so good.” “Heo Gayoon’s figure is the best!” “The outline of her waist is suffocating me!” “2YOON daebak!”

4minute’s Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon have formed the sub-unit ‘2YOON’ and released their first mini album ‘Harvest Moon’ on 17th January. They are actively engaged in promotional activities.

Girl group 4minute’s leader Nam Jihyun has made a surprising visit to newly formed and active unit duo 2YOON (Heo Gayoon, Jeon Jiyoon)’s debut stage, personally giving her support to her dongsaengs.

Nam Jihyun who met up with eNEWS has revealed, “I’m really proud of my dongsaengs (2YOON). I wanted to give support personally, so I came to the set”.

Following this, “There were talks about unit promotions, and they really prepared this for quite a long time. I’ve been looking at the process, and that’s why I’m really proud and want to give support to them. With their hardworking looks, the rest of the members too are motivated and will be preparing for a better comeback in the first half year,” she expressed.

At the end, Nam Jihyun, as 4minute's leader, also spoke about their aspirations in the year 2013, “By kicking off 4minute’s activities with 2YOON, 4minute will quickly make a comeback and gain good responses. I hope 2013 will be ’4minute’s year’”.

Meanwhile, 4minute’s maknae Kwon Sohyun appeared as a surprise special MC for ‘MCountdown’, together with John Park. Maknae’s support for 2YOON’s ’24/7′ AND ‘Why Not’, has gained hot responses.

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