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Original reblog: Must all come to the next fan part! I want to play piano for you! alright?

Fan: Henry you are so cute~ LoL! XD hahaha...your eyes! LOL!

Henry: Why? My eyes are not small! Strong presence! I purposely made it small


眼睛不小! [Eyes are not small!]

byebye 南京!我会想你们的! [byebye Nanjing! I will miss you!]

天气那么冷还到机场接我!谢谢你们!让我很感动!我永远爱你们![So cold at the airport but [you] came to meet me! Thank you all! I will always love you!]

北京下雪了!Wow! (Beijing snow! Wow!)

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Too long without eating!


Da jia wan an! Wo ai ni men! [Goodnight everyone! I love you!]

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Da jia xia ci jian mian ^ ^ wo ai ni men!! [Everyone, we'll meet next time! Love you!]


Wo dao le zai Korea ^^ See u this week on Friday in u han! [I arrived in Korea. See you this week on Friday in Wuhan]



Good morning, today I will go back to Korea :-(


I wait to come back


I just arrived [cross-posted to twitter: Home sweet home :-) See you soon Wuhan]

Note: Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Sungmin have gone back to Korea, Henry and Zhou Mi have gone to Beijing, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook are in Japan for A three day KRY concert at Tokyo Bukoden, the concerts are on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th . Even though the Wuhan fanmeeting is cancelled, they are still recording a show in Wuhan, therefore are still going to be in Wuhan towards the end of the week.

"Mimi nose, please come back"


Mitangs across the internet have been having a collective sob over how much they want Zhou Mi to return to the Chinese blogging site Weibo.
Zhou Mi used weibo from 2009 up to 1st Jan 2011 18:42 KST, when he became aware that someone had hacked his account (causing a scandal involving ex-bandmate Han Geng). On April 1st 2011, the hacker made two posts and deleted all of Zhou Mi's entries, one of these posts currently remains. The account has been completely inactive since.
Since Kyuhyun and Donghae got weibo accounts, Zhou Mi's inactive weibo page has been getting an increase in traffic. He has gained, so far, around 13,000 new followers (Since Saturday 19th 8am GMT, when he had 240,000 followers. He currently has 253,500 but the number is still growing).
Some fans were unaware that Zhou Mi even had a weibo page, since it hasn't been used for 2 years. Old and new followers alike have been adding messages to the only post on his page in hopes that he might see them, to show their support and wishing he will re-open his weibo blog.

Here are some of OP’s faves;
*approximately translated by my browser and re-worded to make more sense by me. Which I know is a bad way to do things but I don't have anyone to translate for me and the bad google chrome translates still made me wibble :<

"Do you have the heart to make us wait so long? Though at first I couldn't accept you, without noticing 5 years passed, and I soon fell in love. Come back ba li ba li ^^"
* She's using a Chinese transliteration of the Korean 빠리빠리 meaning 'hurry' (OP loves seeing only13s that have since changed their mind)

"Ge, it's really time to come back. The past is the past. When they slandered you we were invisible. Ge is a versatile artist, loves his fans, and would never ignore Mitangs or cast us aside, right? We really miss you. Ge has done well filming, has sang nicely, for these two years, we have been waiting, and have never left."

"Zhou Mi, don't worry [be assured], you are loved by so many people, you need to believe, and come up with that confidence. In the new album you are really handsome, Herry too. We see your efforts, your fans grow in number, don’t worry, we will always support you. You are our sky, please pay attention to rest or we will be worried. If you have anything in your heart, or any thoughts, we are all ears"

"Zhou Mi, five years. A lot of this are getting better and better because more and more people love you. Whether or not you come back to Weibo, sneak a peak at the comments online. You are great."

"We are all looking forward to you coming back. We've all seen your efforts, SJ-M cannot live without you. Come and reunite with us!"
"大家都很期待你回来的,你的努力我们都看到了,SJ M不能没有你,回来跟我们团圆吧!"

"MiMi-Oppa! Believe that we now like you more and more, more and more people are supporting you. Though there are still immature, irrational fans, you must believe that your commitment and efforts are increasingly being recognised by everyone! Thank you for the help you’ve given to Korean members along the way, you're holding up great"

And then I give up because there is close to 30,000 comments on that post and a fair amount of the earlier ones are spam and the war between Mitangs and Gengfans.

(Because not everyone is going to know, or might need memories refreshed, some info on Zhou Mi's weibo situation/scandal: ZhouMiNews has some information, Maydaily has a biased and somewhat incorrect article which is a pretty fair example of how at lot of Chinese sites reported the incident to make Zhou Mi look bad, and Sup3rjunior has some information on how it all happened. A fair amount of people presented information, at the time, that made it clear it was significantly more likely that Zhou Mi had been hacked than had cussed out Han Geng in response to an anti, waited a few months and deleted all of his entries.)

A-oh! (Kyuhyun focus)

Love is sweet+U+Sorry Sorry (instrumental)

Goodbye my love

Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Siwon 

Opening and Go

op seethes at the crowd for not cheering for Henry and Zhou Mi. Getting real tired of your shit, China.

There is a fancam of Zhou Mi's solo fro IF觅 ut it's not been re-upped to youtube and I can't embed from Youku
There is also a complete fancam of the entire event here f you have an hour of your life to throw away. Which I do.

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