Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung recently filmed a new CF for Gillette razors, which was posted on an online community on January 20th under the title, “Kang Min Kyung’s razor CF that makes you feel weird“.

The video was filmed with the concept of “a shave that calls for a kiss“, and is taken from the perspective of a man who appears to be facing Kang Min Kyung. She says into the camera, “You look neater? It looks good” while smiling, and then the man’s hand rests on her shoulder as the camera closes in for a “kiss,” closing up on the singer’s lips with a kissing sound effect.

Another video titled ”Close your eyes when putting on headphones or earphones” surfaced online, featuring Kang Min Kyung’s voice-over during a scene in which she shaves the man’s face. Netizens commented on how the sounds of her breathing bothered them because they sounded sensual.

Some of the comments included, “I thought this was an adult video. This is embarrassing“, “This is a video for shaving?“, “This is too obvious. What kind of promotional video is this lewd?“, and “As soon as I saw it, I was surprised. What is this“, while other netizens commented, “It’s nice and sexy, I don’t see any problem“, and “I wish I had a girlfriend like that who would shave my face for me.”

What do you think about the videos? Are they overly provocative or adequate for a razor commercial?

1. [+344, -79] I watched this video and I seriously thought it was a porno;;; Min Kyung, wake up

2. [+281, -55] What is wrong with Kang Min Kyung these days

3. [+259, -82] She just keeps firing up the sexy concept... Why does she have to do this? She keeps showing off her body, obsessed with looking sexy... She looks so cheap sigh...


"Is this a CF or a screenshot from an AV?"

"It's like a scene out of a Japanese AV."

"You'd all shield your oppas if he shot a CF topless ㅋㅋ"

"It was a bit stimulating but not to this extent. Definitely not porno level."


"It was more embarrassing than it was sexy. Her acting made me want to crawl in a hole."

"She's so sexy and talented with just singing on stage, why does she have to do things like this?"

"Jealous of the cameraman..."

"I'm a man and I approve this CF."

"What an embarrassing CF to chance upon when you're with family."
Kang Min Kyung‘s label released a statement in response to the criticism for her Gillette CF.

The CF was filmed with the concept of “a shave that calls for a kiss“, and is taken from the perspective of a man who appears to be facing Kang Min Kyung. The CF received a lot of criticism for being very lewd.

On January 21st, her label stated, “We filmed the CF for a razor company recently, and it was agreed upon that the CFs, including the internet ads, would be carefully reviewed by both the advertising company and the label before they were released. However, that promise was broken and now the ads are being heavily criticized, so we are upset.”

They added, “We are upset that the CFs were released without consulting us, but we believe that the advertisement company made their decision after giving it a lot of thought. Kang Min Kyung has no power to do anything, and it is ultimately the responsibility of the advertisement company. We will be respecting their judgement and patiently wait for their upcoming decision.”

1. [+357, -32] I don't understand.. She knew what she was filming so shouldn't she have refused to film a scene like that from the start if she felt upset by it..?? It doesn't make sense

2. [+322, -29] Her moaning was on par with any porno

3. [+238, -25] I was misunderstood by my parents when I clicked on the video without thinking much about it... Grr..

4. [+105, -2] She could've been remembered as a pretty singer who sings well but she's the one who was obsessed with creating this fake image for herself and it's backfiring now. She always tried to hide her husky voice and speak only in high tones and made herself the subject of ridicule when she tried to act like she was a sexy actress. It's obvious why those that know who she truly is will laugh at that. People are all fake to an extent, but you'll never get a good response once it becomes glaringly obvious.

5. [+101, -2] Everyone knows that a man pushing a woman onto a sofa is a standard scene in every porno. While it's ridiculous that the CF director even suggested such a scene, she's just as much responsible for agreeing to record it. Kang Min Kyung is just ruining her image.

6. [+74, -4] She doesn't seem too bright...

7. [+73, -1] So if she's upset that the controversy happened, then that means she didn't know that the scene was weird to film ㅡㅡ;

8. [+68, -1] It just sounds like an excuse.

9. [+59, -4] She should've read the script and said no because it's obvious that anything like this will cause a controversy. Or is it that she's just desperate for the cash and doesn't give a crap?

10. [+51, -2] I still don't know how this CF is about razors

source: akp + netizenbuzz

Davichi will be making their comeback in March.

The comeback will not be in the form of a single or an EP, but a full album. They released their first full album back in 2008, so their upcoming album will be their first full album in 5 years. The ladies have been active through mini albums and project albums and songs such as “8282“, and “Don’t Say Goodbye“.

The songs on their upcoming full album will be produced by Vibe‘s Ryu Jae Hyun, Duble Sidekick, and Choi Kyu Sung, who worked with B2ST, Huh Gak, and Noel.

Davichi stated, “We’re going to be showing a lot of music that we’ve never attempted before through our 2nd full album in March. Please look forward to it.“

source: akp
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