J.Y. Park has lost his appeal against composer Kim Shin Il.

Last year, J.Y. Park had lost the initial case claiming that he had plagiarized the ‘Dream High‘ OST “Someday” from Kim Shin Il‘s “To My Man“. After losing the case, he then appealed the ruling and their court date had been rescheduled to January.

On January 23rd at 2:10 PM KST, the appeal case was held. In the original ruling from the lower court, J.Y. Park was stated to pay the composer 21,672,752 KRW (approximately $19,000 USD) in damages. However, he lost his appeal and was ruled to instead pay 56,930,710 KRW (approximately $54,000 USD). The higher amount stems from the profits of “Someday” up until the 23rd.

J.Y. Park plans to appeal the ruling once again to the Supreme Court.

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