On January 23rd, TEEN TOP’s label stated, “We wanted to quietly film the music video, but fans recognized us from the airport and the paparazzi followed us around. We wanted to reveal the complete music video to our Korean fans, but we’re disappointed that the photos were revealed through the paparazzi.

The photos of TEEN TOP’s C.A.P filming for their newest music video have been floating around the internet, causing a stir among Angels. The photos appeared on various Hong Kong media outlets, who reported, “TEEN TOP secretly came to Hong Kong and filmed a music video for 2 nights and 3 days.

source: akp

more pictures here?? leave it to the hk paparazzi tbh what can't they do, tho since when were they interested in teen top lmao
a bit sad i guess ): admittedly i would've loved a surprise but ever since they announced their comeback i've been... really... excited... ok

cap's hair dnw but omg that pic of him kneeling by the kid is too cute for op's heart t__t
cries and yells

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