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Shinhwa has announced that the legendary group will be making their comeback this March, just in time for their 15th anniversary celebration.

The group will be celebrating their 15th anniversary on March 24th, and is planning to release a new album during that time as well. In addition, they will be going on an Asian tour, starting in Seoul, as part of their promotional efforts.

Similar to last year, Shinhwa will be operating and managed under Shinhwa Company instead of by the member's individual agencies.

Shinhwa Company is an agency founded by the Shinhwa member in 2011, who are also registered as shareholders in the company.

Last year, Shinhwa made their grand comeback to the music industry after being on hiatus for 4 years as a group due to members fulfilling their military duties and other solo activities.

Are you looking forward to their comeback this March?

Source: Koreaboo and No Cut News via Nate

I'm so excited! The Return was an amazing album and I can't wait for more awesome music!
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