gdruggin - princess shawty

Jinusean member Sean's wife Jung Hye Young on the 24th released a picture resembling BIGBANG's Gdragon on her husband's twitter with the comment "ㅋㅋㅋ"(laughing, similar to "lol"). The picture had been popular amoung fans and had resently found it's way to the public eye. It's a photo of a beautiful woman's side profile in a hanbok, but at closer glance it is actually Gdragon's face photoshopped into the photo. Fans commented with things like "they really look alike!" and "G-Dragon really is beautiful."

[+39 -5] In my opinion GD is a trouble maker, I can't even digest looking at him.
[+40 -6] Heol(혈) (an expression like going 'hmph', popular amoung Korean youth), GD is a goddess.
*[+24 -2] His face is almost unreal ㅋㅋ But there's almost nothing strange about that photoshop.

Original Article by Reporter Choi JiYae
Translated by Me
Nate News

*OP note; I think they were trying to say something along the lines of GDruggin's face is really pretty, and it being on a woman's body just looks natural in the last comment. And the first one might seem kind of strange but by not being able to digest they mean they're feeling discomfort (looking at GD)^^
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