Rookie acto Park Min-woo s on a roll.

Park has been cast for the upcoming tvN dama "PLAY GUIDE" wit Son Dam-bi.

"PLAY GUIDE" is a ten-minute short drama. It gives tips of avoiding being solo or making a crush come true.

Park Min-woo s the assistant minister of Love Agent who has been through a thousand confessions and rejections and now has accomplished a know-how that will work 100%.

He's also in the OCN dram "The Virus" hich is about the struggle of a crisis team to stop the deadly virus from spreading.

Park takes on the role of Bong Seon-dong Eom Gi-joon's right hand man. He's blur but does his work with passion.

Park Min-woo ebuted through the 2011 tvN drama "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop". He's been cast in two dramas continuously with the New Year.

Meanwhile, "PLAY GUIDE" is on every Friday at 11:20PM.

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