(shaky post-concert pic of the venue, yay adrenaline!)

So last thursday, I had the opportunity to see LEESSANG at the Best Buy Theater in New York City. And man, standing in the GA line for three and a half hours in the bitter cold and wind was worth every second of the ~two hour concert that Gary, Gil, Jung In, and their band put on.

I got to the city around 2pm, but didn't get into the GA line until about 4:30pm because the temperature was about 22-23 degrees(or about -5 degrees celsius) and super windy. The line had about 12-15 people ahead of me, so I was happy with knowing I would get a super close spot (side note though, waiting in that line for 3 1/2 hours compared to waiting in line for 12 hours to see Junsu back in August was TORTURE because of the cold).

They let us in around 7:30 I ended up RIGHT by the stage on the left side, standing behind one line of people against the barrier, which was fine because I was taller than most people there and felt a little bad for the people behind me. I was super happy with my spot and, honestly, it was the best place to be because Gary and Gil ended up favoring the left side of the stage more than the right (Gary especially, but more on that later). Also, while I don't know if the show completely sold out, I would definitely say that there was almost a full house. It was great.

The concert itself started about 8:15. One of the best things about the whole concert in general was that they had a live band playing for the entire concert. Each band member was SUPER talented and from start to finish, they complimented Gary and Gil and every single song so well. The whole concert was literally like a jam session with the way the keyboardist and extremely cute guitarist kept going at it.

Unfortunately, I have a bit of concert amnesia and can't find a set list, so I've forgotten some of the songs they did, but I'll talk about what I remember. They started off with the band and their one main back-up singer (who I swear was Yoon Jongshin and if it was OH MY GOD HIS VOICE) doing a short intro. Then Gary and Gil came out to "겸손은 힘들어 (Hard to be Humble)", which got everyone super hyped up. The next song was "Casanova" I believe? Which was appropriate because Gary took off his leather jacket to reveal his really muscular arms and tattoos that I had NO CLUE EXISTED. Thank you Running Man for making him like that, lol. Because of this, I was very glad that Gary kept coming to the left side throughout the whole concert and just...oozing charisma for a lack of better terms, lol.

They did a few more songs then pulled out some stools to slow it down. They did their first ment where they basically said they were so thankful that they could come to New York to perform and that now, we were all friends, so it's okay if they curse or if we curse because we're friends (LMAO). Gil also tried to get Gary to speak English but all he really said was "I love you" and it sort of became a running joke of the concert that the only English he knew was "I love you". They then went on to perform "사람들은 모두 변하나봐", "행복을 찾아서" and "울고 싶어라".

The best part about "행복을 찾아서" was that (you can see in my fancam below) Gary went and did part of his rap acapella and it was just...really amazing and chilling to hear. Also, Gil's voice is amazing. The power and emotion behind it is so strong...I really can't explain it properly. They are both FANTASTIC performers.

They did almost all of their songs from their recent album, Unplugged, but then moved on to their older stuff like "Ballerino", "나란 놈은 답은 너다", "회상", "내가 웃는게 아니야", and "개리와 기리". Jung In came out during "Ballerino" and she is SO PRETTY and so tiny, but HER VOICE. It blew me away. Basically anyone who was on that stage that night so was talented and worked together so well, I'm still amazed. Also, Gary and Gil are really nice guys and kept leaning out to shake hands with the crowd when the other was singing/rapping, it was amazing. They are really funny and cool guys, truly.

Toward the end of the concert, they did more of their popular songs like "TV를 껐네..." and "헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자". Funny thing about "TV" was that before they started, Gil was trying to teach the crowd a fan chant, but everyone wanted to sing along with them, so he basically said that while he appreciates us wanting to sing, THEY were going to sing it. It was really funny, lmao. Also, during "헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자", Gary started an epic water fight that lasted until the end of the concert. It was great because some of the faces that they made when the other came behind them and just pour a bottle or two over their heads while they were singing/rapping...lol

"리쌍부르쓰" was the first encore song and I think it was this song? But Gary and Gil threw two towels each to the crowd and I GOT ONE OF THE TOWELS GARY THREW!!!! I caught one end and then this guy caught the other end, but he let me have it, WHICH I STILL APPRECIATE EVERY MUCH, KIND SIR!!! It was nice enough to just see LEESSANG that close, but getting the towel was the icing on the cake. Also, Gary had a moment where he took off his sunglasses, but was too close to the confetti cannon and just got confetti ALL IN HIS FACE. And I got it on my camera too, lol. Whether he knew that would happen or whether it was an accident...it was hilarious.

They finished the concert with their second encore song, "우리 지금 만나". It had the whole crowd singing along and I couldn't think of a better song to finish off the concert with. They thanked everyone again, gave a few low bows, and headed off.

It truly was one of the best concerts of my life and Gary and Gil and Jung In and that whole band are SO SO talented. I would easily see them again in a heartbeat and can't wait to see what they do next.

TL;DR: LEESSANG are fantastic elastic and Gary is Hot.

And bonus! Manner Gary :c I just thought it was really cool and nice of them to keep reaching out to shake hands.

Source: Myself and my youtube account

Feel free to add your own experiences or fancams to this post if you went to the NYC or LA concert! Let's just make it a LEESSANG love post ♥
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