Article that talks about how although the 'IAC' is a great opportunity for rookie idols to try to do their best or excel in a certain field to get their names in the headlines, it's becoming a crutch for busier idols who don't have the time to spend nearly two days recording for it.

One idol group said they couldn't attend but MBC was adamant that they come no matter what so the idol group's company lied and said they had another schedule to attend to. MBC eventually found out that there was no "other schedule" and placed them under a ban from their shows as punishment.

This basically scared the other idol groups into being forced to attend, and it's become controversial because idols are already expected to be talented in singing, dancing, acting, variety, and now on top of all of that, sports. Not everyone is obviously going to enjoy or even excel at sports so broadcast companies are being called out on their use of force/power over these idols to get their way.

1. [+349, -8] Taking the show off air is the only solution

2. [+317, -11] They're not doing the singing they were hired to do. Instead they're on variety shows, acting, and sprinting.

3. [+280, -9] Stop milking this program already. No one cares anymore.

4. [+33, -1] It's not fun anymore

5. [+32, -0] Such a trashy program


1. [+31, -1] Aside from SM and YG, idol agencies are completely at the mercy of these broadcast channels... Complete mercy. I think MBC is the absolute worst when it comes to abusing this power. They play everything up as a Hallyu concert when they're basically running these idols overseas for free while taking all of the profits for themselves. Then they play this crap up as some athletics competition and end up injuring the kids... Aside from 'Radio Star' and 'Infinity Challenge', MBC is completely ruined... They're using their power to work these idol kids like their slaves..

2. [+30, -0] The show stopped being fun when idols kept coming out of it hurt. Has there ever been an episode where not one idol was injured? There's always one or two that come away with injuries... Let the idols rest over the holiday breaks. They don't have a chance to spend time with their parents as it is.

3. [+28, -0] The first two times was fun but now it's boring because it's all the same stuff.

4. [+27, -0] Who watches the whole thing anymore? People just watch edited clips of their favorite idols or watch other channels until it's time for their idol to come out. Nobody is going to sit there watching the entire thing.

5. [+27, -0] The most recent 'IAC' started recording at 8 a.m. and finished the next day at 5 a.m.... And three came out injured.

Oh My News via Nate + Netizenbuzz

SMFH at MBC. These specials get more and more boring every year tbh. And they apparently take longer and longer to film, which makes no sense to me.
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