Having just released the music video for their comeback track, “Safety Zone“, the idol group who is now known as DMTN (previously referred to as Dalmatian) is drawing curious eyes for their fashion choices in the future-themed music video.

“To further realize DMTN’s image concept for their new release, we tried a new kind of fashion,” said an agency representative for DMTN. “The new fashion concepts have created a strong response, both domestic and foreign, and questions about their style and where to purchase the items have been spreading fast through social networking.”

Their “neo-futuristic” style in the “Safety Zone” music video mixes and matches items from different areas of fashion, and is able to look both formal and casual at once, combining both classical and abstract genres.


지 약 + akp

And besides Daniel's lace-up pants and Inati's furry beret, I liked their wardrobe choices too.
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