Note: The ‘Bonsang award’ winners are chosen through voting (20%), digital/album sales (50%), research (10%), and panel judgement (20%). One artist is then chosen from the group of Bonsang winners for the prestigious ‘Daesang’.

▲ Daesang (Grand Prize)

▲ Bonsang (Main Prize)
Super Junior | Epik High | f(x) | 2NE1 | Huh Gak | SHINee | miss A | Psy | SISTAR | Big Bang | Lee Seung Gi | SECRET


Note: Judging for the other categories are based on mobile poll results (20%), Sports Seoul popularity level (10%), album and music sales (50%), and panel judgement (20%).


▲ Best New Artist
EXO-K | Ailee | B.A.P | Lee Hi

▲ High1/Mobile Popularity
Lee Seung Gi | SHINee

▲ Performance Culture Award
Kim Jang Hoon

▲ Record of the Year
G-Dragon – ‘One of a Kind‘

▲ Digital Record of the Year
SISTAR – ‘Alone‘

▲ Hallyu Special Award
Super Junior

▲ R&B/Ballad Award

▲ Hip Hop/Rap Award
Double K

▲ Best OST Award
CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun


Slightly more legit list of winners than the GDAs.
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