Super Junior' superior ub-unit performed for Korean television for the first time on Mnet Countdown.

MNet M Countdown

'Go' (Lyrics: Zhou Mi, Music: Noizebank)

Break Down

Intros and backstage

'Break Down' will be pre-recorded for KBS Music Core at 3pm Feb 1st, 100 fans will be admitted for the recording. Op is assuming they will be present at the live broadcast to perform 'Go'. Their appearance at MBC Music Core, 2nd February, will be pre-recorded, but they will also be attending the live broadcast. 200 fans will be admitted to the 9:30am pre-recording.


Henry: Did you see the performance? Was it okay?







EDIT:Go and Break Down MR removed

Super Junior at Seoul Music Awards
The group were running late due to problems and delays when recording 'Go' for Mnet M Countdown, so missed the red carpet for the awards and all seemed to show up at different times.
Henry and Zhou Mi did not sit with Super Junior for a majority of the night, but were present to perform.
Super Junior performed 'Sexy, Free and Single', Henry and Zhou Mi then joined the rest of SJ-M to perform 'Break Down'.

Super Junior won two awards: Hallyu Star and the Seoul Music Awards Bonsang.




The Korean versions of 'Break Down' and 'Goodbye my love' were released!

Henry Lau will be appearing on Korean Celebrity Masterchef, which will air it's first episode on 22nd February, via the cable channel Olive. Other contestants include Tony An (H.O.T), Son Hoyoung (G.O.D) and Miss A's Fei.

There are two more fanmeetings confirmed: Beijing March 1st and Shanghai March 2nd.

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音悦大来宾 (YinYueTai) Here, and a short interview on MV se here
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eLive: roadcast but not subbed
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SJ-M message to Claire Guo Here
Liaoning Spring Festival performance Interview: Broadcast Feb 8th at 7pm
Jiangsu TV: Has not been broadcast
Hubei TV 'Challenging a gang of women' Has not been broadcast
'Challenger' Has not been broadcast
Mnet Countdow Broadcast 31st Jan
Seoul Music Awards: Jan 31st
KBS Music Bank: Broadcast Feb 1s stream here (at 6:10pm kst)
MBC Music Cor Broadcast 2nd Feb stream here(4pm kst)
SBS Inkigay Broadcast 3rd Feb stream here (4:10pm kst)

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Op softly weeps at the cheers HenMi got. Praying for Eunhyuk's hair gdi half the group has the fugliest hair rn, What did they even do to Donghae?
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