The president of Cube Entertainment which houses 4minute, BEAST and many more popular idol groups, President Hong SeungSong (49) is revealed to be suffering from ALS disease (or also known as Lou Gehrig). A representative from Cube Entertainment spoke out regarding to such ‘rumors’, “Although (the president) is not feeling well now, he does not have those widely spread rumored diseases such as Lou Gehrig, Parkinson or Cancer,” they ‘clarified’.

However, after compiling testimonials from some long acquaintances of Hong president, it was a ‘fact’ that he did have Lou Gehrig disease. According to their testimonials, Hong president wasn’t feeling well early of last year, and was sent to a famous hospital. He was thought to have caught Lou Gehrig disease, but it was insignificant then. In the second half of the year, during their family concert in South America, Hong President who joined along went to America to confirm his diagnose of Lou Gehrig disease.

Close friends of Hong President expressed that he’s having some movement inconvenience and could only stay sit on the chair. The agency however, denied any allegations of such disease by saying, “He comes to work on time and moves as he works”. Reporters tried to talked to him on the phone for the past three days, but he refused to take in any. A representative hinted, “After receiving a confirmed diagnose in America, it’s true that he’s now resting” and, “A few of his close friends who have heard the news have came to comfort him”.

Hong President is an invincible legend who has been in the music industry for the last 20 years and had raised numbers of top stars. Started as part of a management team for singer Lee Yerin, he had worked with talented artists such as Park GiYoung, Lyn, Kim DongRyul and many more. He then worked hand in hand with Park JinYoung in establishing JYP Entertainment.

His life was continuously ’fearless everyday’ until he finally established Cube Entertainment and becomes a leader of K-POP. In 2011, in an autobiography that he wrote,”There won’t be any spotlight if you stop now”, it stated that he waited (fearlessly) and as he sacrifices for that, he is a ‘Master of Patience’ that would wait quietly for talented and passionate individuals.

We once met up with Hong President 2 years ago. During that time, not only did we interviewed him and another composer in the Cube Entertainment building, he also personally escorted reporters till the parking lot. He did not say much and his pale face was kept smiling even when reporters turned around and leave. This short testimonial was recently passed to me by an affiliate in the circle. He said, “The management system differs a lot now” and, “He’s that rare type of manager that treats people with warmth”.

Hong President who has explained a new K-POP strategies through passion, and emancipates warmth to those others, we hope to see his ‘fearless’ look in the near future soon.


For those of you who don't know what ALS/Lou Gehrig's is It's a disease that affects nerve cells and is characterized by a rapidly progressive weakness, it keeps progressing until it results to death. The progression of the disease can only be slowed down with medication, but there is currently no cure for it. The median survival from the time of diagnosis is three to five years. There is no cure.
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