With the release of their video teaser, fans overseas, especially those familiar with ‘America’s Best Dance Crew‘, immediately spotted the extreme similarities between the choreography of the rookie group Purplay and dance crew I.aM.mE; and even drew frustrated comments from the I.aM.mE members.

Unaware about the attention brewing overseas, their agency has sent out a new press release to domestic media, revealing that the members themselves have helped in the creation of the choreography of their debut song, “Love and Remember”.

Their agency stated, “The Purplay members directly participated in the rap making as well as the choreography creation of the ‘cobra dance’ and ‘puzzle piecing dance’, already displaying their talents. They have outstanding choreography and singing abilities even when compared to any of the existing girl groups. They will rise to be a girl group to look out for in the first half of this year.”

They also added, “Purplay is a group that seems as if they’ll explode with their powerful dance, refreshing vocals, and emotional rap whenever you press the ‘play’ button.”

The group will be unveiling “Love and Remember” on the 7th.

source: Starin via Nate, eToday + akp

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