With the exit of a couple, a new pair must fill its shoes, and MBC’s We Got Married has chosen 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon and Go Joon Hee for the role.

MBC announced on February 7 that the show’s newest couple will be Jung Jin Woon and Go Joon Hee. The couple will have the biggest age gap in the history of the show with six years between them.

Go Joon Hee was born in 1985 while Jung Jin Woon in 1991.

“Both parties showed anticipation and excitement in meeting each other and starting a new marriage life.”

The first meeting recently took place with Go Joon Hee showing a surprising 4D side, while Jung Jin Woon, despite being six years younger, took the lead.

Jung Jin Woon is currently working on an upcoming 2AM album, while Go Joon Hee is acting in SBS’ Yawang.

The first episode will air on February 9.
source: enewsworld

Taec and now Jin Woon? I'M SO EXCITED!
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