Jessica and Jeon In hwa, can’t feel the age difference
[by Park Jin jin / translated by Joy Kim] According to the Chinese zodiac, year 2013 is snake’s year. In Korea, celebrities born in Snake year are getting the spotlights.
Actress Jeon In wha, now playing at KBS School 2013 (OP note: she is actually currently in Hundred Year's Inheritance and was not in School 2013), she was born at 1965 also a snake year. Next snake year celebrities include Kim Hyun ju, Choi Kang hee, and Um Ji won, all born in 1977. Among K-pop stars, seven members of Girls Generation are born in snake year, in 1989. (OP note: there are only six members of snsd born in the year of the snake, i tagged them in the post for reference)

All of the mentioned celebrities have more than one common factor. They all have younger looking face and flawless skin. Despite the wide age gap, they all look as they have perfect skin.  

What is their secret? Snake year born celebrities
All girls envy Girls Generation’s looks. Many will wish they could live them even for just one day. They have flawless, bright complexion

Actress Jeon In hwa told about herself in a variety show that she is a living legend in cosmetic model industry. Also she said she was the most popular girl in the campus and she thinks she has fine skin.  
What she is saying is not lying. She looks beautiful even when she is next to an idol star. She looks young and her face has the perfect ratio. Also her skin looks firm. 
Choi Kang hee is also famous for her skin. Women at 30s start to feel the difference. However actresses look timeless.  
However, their skin is not a gift from heaven. Their results of their skin come from keeping healthy habits and constant skin care.  
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source: bnt
year of the snake holla also bow down to jun in hwa's flawless beauty.

A "Hundred Year's Inheritance" bounces

MBC drama "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" proved it was the most powerful drama in the weekend.

According to Nielsen Korea, "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" rated 20.4% on the 3rd which is the same as the episode on the 2nd.

Chae-won (Yoo Jin) recovered her memory and planned to take revenge on Yeong-ja (Park Won-sook). Yeon-ja offered her lots of money to stay away from her son Cheol-gyu (Choi Won-yeong) but Chae-won said, "I won't get out of here unless it's in a casket".

SBS "Incarnation of Money" rated 9.2% and KBS 2TV "Gag Concert" rated 19.3%.

source: sportsseoul via hancinema
there is no eugene tag?? i'll just use s.e.s.

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