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This is a Kim Uee post! (you are welcome)

Photos of After School‘s UEE on the way to filming have made waves online.

The untouched photos confirm the actress and singer’s beauty – even without any retouching whatsoever.

Captured on her way to KBS‘ ‘Music Bank‘, even the drizzling rain couldn’t cloud her beautiful face and figure as she waved cheerily toward her fans.

Netizens commented, “Very pretty”, “I want to see her in person once”, “It’s like a scene from a movie”, and more.
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» Conclusion 'Jeon Woo Chi' Cha Tae Hyun and UEE 'Happy Ending'
Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+80, -6] I feel like Jeon Woo Chi's words at the end was a message to the politicians of our present age...

2. [+58, -3] I'm glad it ended as a heartwarming happy ending ^^ I think I've never seen a scene without snow this entire drama... The cast really worked hard in the cold for this. Cha Tae Hyun's such a great actor and UEE was beautiful and a great actress as well~

3. [+54, -2] I was worried in case Cha Tae Hyun or UEE would die in the end so I'm glad that it turned out to be a happy ending.

4. [+16, -2] A bit embarrassing to watch at times but it was a fun drama..

» 'Jeon Woo Chi' a surprising reversal at the end
Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+67, -18] I really didn't like the drama at first but the more I watched it, the more I was impressed with the acting and the storyline

2. [+54, -9] Not much of a shocking reversal... I mean the main character won and lived while the bad guy died. A real shocker would've been the king or queen doing the Taoist magic

3. [+27, -3] UEE never lost her Taoist magic ㅋㅋㅋ
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kimkim's via.me:

jupal's twitter:

[300113 - 1642 KST]
[Jooyeon Twitter] 전우치촬영중 ~ 유이랑 승환오빠랑ㅎㅎ 오늘은 날씨가 풀려서 신났어요^^ㅎ
[Translation] In the midst of filming Jeon Woo Chi~ with Uie and Seunghwan oppa hehe Today the weather turn warm so excited^^ ㅎ

uee's me2day:

[290113 - 0849 KST]
[Uie me2day] 어쩜그래> _ < 김유진닷넷이랑 전우치갤에서 간식 보내주셨어요 행복하고 즐겁게 잘먹었습니다! 마지막까지힘내서열심히촬영하겠습니다아아 뿌용!! ♥ 차암!! 우리 막내 뉴이스트가 2월에 앨범발매기념콘서트를 한데요. 많이 응원해주세요. 홧팅!!^^
[Translation] Alright > _ < I was happy and enjoyed eating the snacks kimyujin.net and Jeon Woo Chi Gallery sent me! Even till the end was supporting me, i’ll do my best in filming bbyyong!! ♥ Also!! Our Maknae NUEST will be having an album release commemorate concert in February. Please give them lots of support. Hwaiting!! ^^

[130208 - 0106 KST]
[Uie me2day] 전우치가끝이났습니당ㅠㅠ끝까지많은사랑주셔서감사합니다!평생잊지못할소중한작품이였습니다*^^*우리전우치가족들!추운날씨에너무너무고생많으셧습니다!ㅎ전우치를끝까지사랑해주신분들께도너무감사합니다!*^^*새해복많이받으세요!♥전우치짱!^^
[Translation] Jeon Woo Chi has ended ㅠㅠ Receiving lots of love even till the end, Thank you! In this lifetime will never forget this precious work *^^* our Jeon Woo Chi family! Been through lots of lots of hardship in the cold weather!ㅎ Thank you very much to the people who have been giving Jeon Woo Chi lots of love till the end!*^^* Happy New Year!♥Jeon Woo Chi Jjang!^^

uee's facebook:
[130211 - 1802KST]
[Uie Facebook] 새해 가족들과 잘 보내고 계시죠? *^^* 올라오고 계시는분들도 조심조심! 그동안 전우치 사랑해주셔서 감사하고 올 한해도 저 유이 많이 사랑해주세요! 쪼금 늦었지만 새해 복 많이 받으세요!♥♥♥
[Translation] Spending New Year with family well right? *^^* Those who are coming up to Seoul be careful! Thank you for giving Jeon Woo Chi lots of love and this year please give me Uie lots of love! Even though its a little late, Happy New Year!♥♥♥
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as the head of the omona's uee stanning council i've come to inform everyone that me and xcherryblossomx came to a very difficult and painful decision. we now believe it is time for uee to graduate from after school and leave pledis for good. as she has been for a long time way above to what the company can provide to her, she needs a place that can manage her well and give her opportunities to use her full potential, so we started the #FREEUEE campaign.
epona 13th-Feb-2013 01:44 am (UTC)
you go bb! keep holding all of pledis' nugu groups afloat!
sunshine2163 13th-Feb-2013 01:57 am (UTC)
ohh gurllllll that damn eye!!!! you in danger with that eye!
missnothings 13th-Feb-2013 02:12 am (UTC)
I'm totally here for the FREE UEE campaign. Pledis will never let her go though since she keeps the company afloat.
allthingsgood 13th-Feb-2013 02:44 am (UTC)
Taking the opportunity to ask -- is there a good Uee-dedicated tumblr out there?
lysblack 13th-Feb-2013 02:49 am (UTC)
sadly there is pretty much none other than http://xzmingzx.tumblr.com/ (it is the the best, and pretty much only, uee related blog, the owner always translates her me2days etc.), as the international fandom still doesn't like her much or don't know the difference between acting and real life (some dumbasses still hate her becuase of YAB) her, and international playgirlz seem to hate her/ignore her more than anything..
allthingsgood 13th-Feb-2013 03:31 am (UTC)
All I want is a Tumblr that regularly updates Uee's fantaken photos, drc about me2d translations but it's so hard to find someone who updates her fantaken stuff! I'm a creep and like seeing idol off-duty style.
lysblack 13th-Feb-2013 03:47 am (UTC)
sadly there is none like that, for that i stalk http://kimyujin.net/!
shineebambi 13th-Feb-2013 03:00 am (UTC)
uee cant leave pledis shes the only reason my other queen namie even cares about AS existence ;o; and then i can pray to the jpop gods that perfume and OC will make a duet
lysblack 13th-Feb-2013 03:02 am (UTC)
shes the only reason my other queen namie even cares about AS existence

one of the many reasons why i want her to leave pledis, she pretty much feeds everyone and keeps everyone employed but gets shafted by the company and hated by the fandom all the time.
shineebambi 13th-Feb-2013 02:17 pm (UTC)
I will never understand why intl fandom hates her so much like he not my fave as member but she is just so sweet and kind and her friendship with kaeun is just te most adorable thing since I discovered cute eraser sets and stationary
lysblack 13th-Feb-2013 02:43 pm (UTC)
me either, she doesnt need to be loved by all or to be everyone's favorite, but idg the hate she gets, she is so sweet and hardworking as well super humble.
shineebambi 13th-Feb-2013 05:15 pm (UTC)
I think intl fans forget that the only reason Korea gives a damn a out anything other then OC is uee and if it has to really be anyone I'm glad it's uee cause she is such a sweetheart and she really really loves those girls so I'm glad she's the one with all the fame and money
yunde 13th-Feb-2013 11:53 pm (UTC)
god bless both of you. i love uee to bits and tbqh i'm as protective of her as i am of yoona (which is a lot), even if she's not one of my main biases.
shineebambi 14th-Feb-2013 12:00 am (UTC)
I'm super protective over 90% of AS they were the first girl group I started to Stan and while they are no longer my number one group I still love them to pieces and I hate when they get stupid shit that out of there control like characters they played in dramas
sballet06 13th-Feb-2013 08:56 pm (UTC)
The truth in this comment <3
I couldn't care less about AS but I adore Uee. Talented, gorgeous and an utter sweetheart. She doesn't let her popularity go to her head and stays incredibly grounded.
prlsb4swiine 13th-Feb-2013 03:25 am (UTC)
i support the #freeUee campaign
queenmedea 13th-Feb-2013 04:42 am (UTC)
Who is the other girl in the picture with her under "KimKim's"?
lysblack 13th-Feb-2013 05:17 am (UTC)
sungmin 13th-Feb-2013 05:32 pm (UTC)
she's jungah's sister.
queenmedea 13th-Feb-2013 06:27 pm (UTC)
She has the look of an idol, is she a trainee or anything? Or just an ulzzang?
izabera 13th-Feb-2013 05:50 am (UTC)
It could be worse, at least they're not keeping her locked in the basement. She seems satisfied with her situation, or if she isn't she's waiting patiently for the end of her contract.
soramai 13th-Feb-2013 09:55 am (UTC)
I don't find her really pretty but to each their own.
And why do you ask to free Uee? what if she likes AS and wants to stay in the group? She doesn't seem to be unhappy with the girls.
and let be real, they will never let her go. She's the one who makes the most money in Pledis (I think).
lysblack 13th-Feb-2013 02:50 pm (UTC)
funny because people ways say how sohee looks so much like her.

uee liking the group or the girls is not the issue, because anyone can see that she truly cares about them, and probably wouldnt leave the group over her loyalty, but wby cant i as a fan wish for the artist that i like better things? pledis uses and abuses uee's name in many ways but barely gives back to her, especially when she is the reason why the company still is standing as was able to debut 2 new groups and will debut a third.
okadarei 13th-Feb-2013 03:27 pm (UTC)
because you work there and know how it works, right?

Uee has stated so many times she's well treated at Pledis. They give her special treatment. Plus Pledis has investors of their own, they debuted groups because they had the money. Uee's not the only one making it, and even if she'd the one making more, she gets more at the end of the day as it's been stated by the whole group so many times at so many varieties and such.

So far she's been always pushed to pursue her acting career while others inside the company weren't. And when her Birdie Buddy drama failed to be broadcasted for that long and she didn't got any offers, the company backed her up. I don't see them keeping her for taking as many stuff as she can handle, and without overworking her to the extend she keeps falling asleep into places or she's forced to attend show promotions when AS is releasing. In fact, they don't do it with any of the girls.

Anytime people state things like this, you're only doing the same Uee haters do with the rest. You're just demoting the hard work Son Dambi went through in order to start the company business going on, or what AS members went through. And, as far as I know, both NU'EST and HELLO VENUS had worked it hard on their own. What it's sad is that there's people who use Uee as an excuse to demote a whole company and their people.
lysblack 13th-Feb-2013 06:41 pm (UTC)
i never stated that,m but by your sense of entitlement you clearly not only work there, you are pledis vice-president. & fyi, i've always been one of the very few who always supported & stood up for pledis in this community, so don't come around acting like i am an anti or something of the sort.

i never said she was mistreated, my whole point was that she outgrew pledis & they don't do to her what she deserves, & she hardly has a 'special' treatment, all the treatments she gets are not special at all, but the common treatments than any busy star of any other company would give to their star.

how do you think that pledis get investors? without a star that makes profits there is no investor is willing to put their money on the lie for a company that let's be honest, sucks at management and always sucked at management. she may not be the only one who is making money, but do you really think that the profit dambi, after school, oc or hello venus and nuest make are able to keep things going? the money they bring is pretty much to keep their ends, their profit margin is not that big, uee however is the one who brings the big bucks and the money who goes to investments.

the only reason why she got to pursue her acting career is because of her talent, not because of pledis backing, because back in 2009 when she was going to auditions she wasn't the only one doing so, so was soyoung and jooyeon, both of the girls who pledis wanted to make happen along with kahi. uee's success has very little of pledis own investment, and mostly her own fame that she brought to the company and the group when she joined. she was well known and pretty popular during her pre debut days thanks to her father, her previous group, her friendship with yubin and her similarities with sohee.

uee booked YAB because of her talent, not because of pledis connections or power because they didn't have that, and yet they too advantage of that to pt the whole group in the drama for a small cameo to help them promote, which i don't have,but it something pledis keeps on doing more and more (she was never pushed to act, but pledis surely uses her name to get other pledis artists casted in dramas with group casting, which can be bad for uee's career). birdie buddy's issue was because of group eight and mbc dropping it to put on focus on playful kiss, especially because after they started it they remembered that sport dramas don't do well in korea.

but it was thanks to uee that tvn bought the drama to air it, and it was birdie buddie that started tvn's high ratings, as it was one of their first dramas to be above 0.** ratings, with it's episodes often being at 2 and 3%, which is great for cable channels, even more back then before the whole flower boy project.
okadarei 13th-Feb-2013 07:02 pm (UTC)
I only happen to follow the company a lot.
And if to you having your own van, your own facebook page and constantly promotion on your own (not only the CM she gets) isn't special treatment, then I don't know what else she needs.

Uee is not the only one making money there, and before her there was Son Dambi getting the money.

She didn't outgrow the company since the company seems to handle perfectly all the offers she gets. She only decided to take a break after Ojakgyo's drama was over because she wanted to dedicate to the group instead and that drama got extended a little more than it was previously expected.

So far, Pledis' managed to get the other girls getting their own deals.

And no, Pledis' clearly didn't back the rest up that much back in 2009, that's why at the end So Young left. Uee was even offered to debut as an actress before getting into AS and after Five Girls failed to debut, but she refused that, and after Birdie Buddy failed to be broadcasted for that long, her offers decreased, she even told it herself that she struggled a lot back then because people blamed her for that failure, but her company never let her side. And the drama failed to get broadcasted twice. That's not my saying but Uee's.

It's clear she produces a lot of money, but anytime you make this type of comments, you're clearly demoting what the rest do. Uee is not constantly providing for the rest, I don't see her doing on what Lizzy, Nana not even Juyeon have achieved. And Juyeon indeed ended up being at Jeon Woo Chi, but she got there herself after having small roles at other series, she'll never get that far, though, because her acting's not even average, but that won't rest her the fact she's worked for her own bread.

You may think you're not doing any harm stating such things, but you do. Anytime I come across these comments you all make it sound as the people in there do just nothing and they just keep on sucking on Uee. She may be the most popular and the one who produces most money, but it's not the companie's fault and less her group mates fault nor the rest of the acts that she's in that position. Her popularity came along with the acceptance of her talent and even with that, she clearly stated back on 2011 that there was a time when she even doubted it, despite her CM deals never decreased, because roles stopped coming her way.

If Pledis would just want to keep on sucking from her they wouldn't even try on getting the rest a name of their own, little by little, nor make deals with companies like Fantagio.

I've been laughing for a while to posts like this, because I do understand Uee does make the most amount of money, but at this rate the thing ain't funny anymore.
lysblack 13th-Feb-2013 07:55 pm (UTC)
so am i, so just like you i have all the rights to talk about it.

and can't you read at all? i never once stated that she was the only one getting money, i even stated that was dambi who was the one who was able to get pledis standing and going, no one can deny that, but just how you can't deny that after her queen comeback her image suffered a lot as a singer, she became the butt of the jokes and her value decreased a lot, her newest comeback wasn't good, she doesn’t have the amount of cfs that she used to have, or is receiving the same amount of offers, and she is seen as a mediocre actress by the media and critics, as well viewers, she doesn't bring the same amount of money that she used to, and she doesn't bring the same amount of money that uee brings.

having your own van and having a separated facebook is not a special treatment, if it is called that it shows how bad the average treatment is then. of course she needs her own van, she has incredible long, and far away, schedules that she does all by herself, how do you want her to go there? by walking? maybe a bicycle? and a facebook, lmao anyone can make one, and she has it as an actress, she is an award winning, respectable actress, why not have it? and lol since when cfs/cms are a special treatment? it's not pledis who gives those to her, it is the industry, they have nothing to do with that.

they handle the offers she gets, but don't create opportunities for her to grow and that is a completely different issue. and i am aware of uee's decisions, i've been following her closely since her debut, after OJB she decided to take a well deserved break and what this has to do with anything?

the back up uee had was no different from the ones soyoung and jooyeon had, the only different between uee and soyoung (and jooyeon and soyoung) had was that she already had her own little fanbase, without any sort of connections with pledis, which showed interest on her, as well her acting talents, as soyoung wasn't and still isn't as good as uee when it came to acting. and pledis poor management to her was enough,. she never liked singing very much, only using it because it is easier for idols to act than rookie actress. and no i need to tell you that it took three years for nana and lizzie to get solo cfs, even though the girls work really hard and pledis constantly promotes then? and they don’t really give the other girls 'deals'.

and i never discussed uee's love for dancing and singing here, i don't know why you are bringing it up, because it has nothing to do with this discussion, because like i mentioned before,. many times i went to defend uee's right to stay in AS as everyone else wanted to to leave for not bringing anything to the table' and ''for not caring about the group when it was always the opposite.

and you seem to be holding on birdie buddy's so called 'failure' for dear life. yes it took 8 months for it to be aired, but it was a pre-produced drama, that is incredible fast to get picked up, especially when most don't see the light of the day, and yes i am aware of it failed twice to broadcast, because like i said, all the odds were against a pre-produced drama that was about sports, but wait, what did i say before? oh yeah, it had incredible high ratings for a cable drama.
lysblack 13th-Feb-2013 07:55 pm (UTC)
and why would her company would leave her side? because even with her 'failure' she still was the person who brought most money to the company, oh my! even with her failure and low options, which still way more than any other pledis artist could dream off, she still made more money than any other female idol that year, she made more money than a snsd member!

how me saying that uee provides for the rest, when it is the truth, demoting them? do you know what her providing means? it means give money to create opportunities. and if you chose to close your eyes to that, go ahead, it won't change the truth. it doesn’t mean that the others don't work hard, it means that she is funding them so they can work hard. without her money after school wouldn't be able to have one comeback per year and take time to come up with great innovative concepts, without their money oc wouldn't be able to be created, kahi wouldn’t have had her solo. neither the other groups. music doesn't pay much, neither does variety fees, what brings the money are cfs, and who has the biggest amount of cfs in pledis again? oh yes, kim yoo jin.

and i never once said that gets in the way to what nana, jooyeon and lizzy had achieved, or any other of the girls or pledis, these three worked hard to get what they have, just like uee, but which company member has the most steady and valuable income, the one they know they count own every month? kim yoo jin.

and honestly, while jooyeon deserved all of her acting and variety gigs she got before, do you honestly think she was in JWC because of her acting? she was the weakest link in the drama (before pledis got baekho and ren on it), she got casted because of uee, just like jang min in ae was casted because of yoochun, which is called packaging casting, when a company says 'okay you want our big star? sure, but please have our least known one as well', pledis is not the first company to do, and won't be the last, but if they keep doing this and in overboard producers will feel iffy about casting uee.

and commenting on your other comment, i find weird to find that the troll comment wasn’t personal, because where else other in omona, people keep saying that uee feeds the company, when on tumblr, and other places she is either completely ignored or simply hated?

i won’t reply to the remaining of your second comment and this is the last time i reply to you, over the simply reason, you simply don’t get what i am saying, as you are making things to be in a completely different way as stated.

because i never said anything bad about the girls or said they didn’t do anything at all or didn’t work hard, or even said that pledis was a dump and shady, i just mentioned that they are terrible with management and uee outgrew them in fame and they don’t have the resources to allow her to grow to her full potential and this is all true.

btw liking a company artists doesn’t mean like everything they do and believe that the sun shines from their asses. and i can see that no matter what i say, it won’t change your mind, and anything you say to me, won’t change mine, so i’ll stop wasting out times, go ahead, keep doing your thing, you know calling others trolls on tumblr and whatever else you do, and i’ll keep doing mine, thank you and have a good day.
okadarei 13th-Feb-2013 08:33 pm (UTC)
Going straight to the personal comment. I just linked this post, accidentally straight to the comment. It happens to me constanlty when I forget to go back to the main post, but it's not only Ommona the only community commenting on this issue. Other sites do have people commenting on this, even if it's hard for you to believe it.

And no, I do get what you say. I even said you're right she's the one providing the most, but you also must agree that when a non-fan comes across these type of statements it does sound as the rest are simply doing nothing. Because you happen to see the facts and understand the rest are working hard on their income doesn't mean people use this the mean way. Before this post, I've seen loads of comments come across from sites like All K-Pop or Soompi to even places that aren't strictly K-Pop.

I don't believe Pledis does everything perfect, but I would wish people would give them a break sometimes. I think they are the ones who may regret their own mistakes the most. Specially when they fail to get anyone else not even wish to match Uee's income.

Once more, I am sorry you took it personally, I won't add anything else I clearly made you angry or at least concerned to the point to keep repeating your points on me.
lysblack 13th-Feb-2013 06:47 pm (UTC)

but it was thanks to uee that tvn bought the drama to air it, and it was birdie buddie that started tvn's high ratings, as it was one of their first dramas to be above 0.** ratings, with it's episodes often being at 2 and 3%, which is great for cable channels, even more back then before the whole flower boy project.

also you are wrong about her not having any offers, the BB filming ended in november 2010 and she had tons of endorsements deals out of it, very lucrative ones, heck she even got to e the exclusie model for a golf clothing line, look at that!. and way before BB started airing in august uee had been casted in OJB, so really, pledis never had to 'back her up' as she was still being the one who brought them the biggest amount of money, even thought her drama had 'failed' to air in the proper time.

and how am i 'demoting' the hard work that dambi had? i never once turned back to the fact that dambi was the one that helped pledis to ride and stand on their own feet, i am just stating the obvious that anyone can see, that uee is the one who has keeping the company afloat since 2010, that it is her money who gives pledis the change to create a sub unit, to create new groups. if you removed uee from the company right now, along with the capital she brings, the company stocks would do down as fast as you can blink, no, they wouldn't go broke, but they wouldn't be able to do what they do, they would even halt 17's debut.

so i would ask you to kindly stop putting words in my mouth that i never mentioned, as i adore every single act that comes from pledis, i am supportive of them & i see their hard work, my concerns are always others. uee outgrew pledis, she is better than their company, she deserves better than what they can provide & that is my point.

PS: if you have an issue with me, come talk to me instead of going to tumblr, writing a passive aggressive post, calling me a troll and linking my comment on it.
okadarei 13th-Feb-2013 07:08 pm (UTC)
I mean roles, not CM, she gave and extended interview after BB's broadcast was finally settled and she'd also accepted OB's role and she clearly said those things.

And I am only stating the impression you give with the things you write. If it bothers you, then ask yourself why someone would get such an impression after reading your comments and the whole piece.

Oh, and I already replied to you. The post is a general thing, since I've been reading about this a lot, and it's my opinion. It's not personal against you, it's what I believe after having read this stuff over and over again. It's not funny anymore.

Editing once again:

As I clearly don't want you to believe this is just about your post. I did got you're a Uee stan, you want the best for her. OK, I get this. But I insist again on asking yourself why I decided to reply like this or even write a piece at tumblr (The piece has more to do with the fact you're not the only one constantly writting stuff like this). Whenever you guys joke (because I get a lot of times people are just joking over the fact she indeed provides the most) or even speak more seriously on the matter you make it sound as this, as the rest are just doing nothing.

And then I ask, in your opinion which are the things that Pledis could do if they had more power and knowledge? (For Uee I mean)

Because since you proved you're not just another troll (trust me, there's a reason why I used the word at tumblr) but someone who actually follows the company. And I am asking out of curiosity not as butthurt as I may sound in both my replies and my tumblr post.

Edited at 2013-02-13 07:19 pm (UTC)
soramai 13th-Feb-2013 09:18 pm (UTC)

So what? Do you want me to say I think Uee is pretty or something?
I love Sohee and I find her really pretty. Somehow I can see why people think Uee and Sohee look alike. But they're still very different for me. They don't have the same lips, they don't have the same eyes.

In my eyes, Uee is not pretty. I find her face weird, it's just like it. I can't change my opinion to please you.

And please, you don't work for pledis, you don't know Uee personally. You don't know what happens between her and Pledis.
It's just your interpretation as a fan.
lysblack 13th-Feb-2013 09:50 pm (UTC)
lol it was a simple comment no need to feel so strongly, and offended, about it and i am not telling you what to do.

and like you said, so what? it is my interpretation as a fan, that is all i gave, this is what everyone gives when they are talking about whichever artist or company and everyone has the right to talk about it, like anyone else.

i never claimed it was anything other than that, i see the facts and how things happen and how i inteprete them as the way i do and i say it, i am not forcing it to anyone, simply sharing what i think. i was simply asking the question YOU made about MY opinion, to need to be so snappy, next time if you don't want to hear what i said, simply don't ask me.
soramai 17th-Feb-2013 05:35 pm (UTC)
no it wasn't a simple comment, and you know it -_-

well, I don't want to argue about Uee and Pledis and after school because I don't see the need. I just don't understand how people wish Uee to quit AS when she doesn't seem to be unhappy with the girls.
lysblack 17th-Feb-2013 05:59 pm (UTC)
no i don't know it, because to me it was a simple comment, i simple made a normal observation that i found it funny because so many people think they are so alike, there was nothing else into it, unless you made it to be. everyone has their tastes, it was a normal observation, i found it amusing and that was it, to me is no different from, for example, a person find one sister pretty, but they don't think the other isn't, when they are so alike, simple like that.

then why ask it at all? you asked me why i wanted, i said it, i never mentioned she was unhappy on it, or that my words were law, you are the one who seemed to take everything too seriously.
rikayla 13th-Feb-2013 04:02 pm (UTC)
i'm not a huge UEE fan but ita that she needs to leave and go to a better company. singing/dancing aren't really her strong points, but she could definitely go far with acting.
lysblack 13th-Feb-2013 06:57 pm (UTC)
my dream was for her to join keyeast, if only yoon-sama used 1/8 of the magic he uses on kim soo hyun, joo ji hoon and khj i would be happy.
22by7 13th-Feb-2013 04:33 pm (UTC)
is she a good actress? she seems a great personality and i LOVE looking at her face.
lysblack 13th-Feb-2013 06:56 pm (UTC)
in my (biased) opinion uee is the best idol turned actress of this generation, she is better than most rookie actress out there, as well actress who has been in the industry for a while, she really improves with each project and she is dedicated to her craft. also when she was casted on JWC, i’ve never seen, not even once, knetizens complaining about her being casted on it or saying anything bad about her acting, in fact i believe they respect her as an actress now.
xcherryblossomx 14th-Feb-2013 05:28 am (UTC)
Best idol turned actress.

aigyu 13th-Feb-2013 11:32 pm (UTC)
can uee just act now 4ever
cairistiona 14th-Feb-2013 12:51 am (UTC)
Jungah's sister is gooooorgeous!

UEE is, too, of course.

What's her Jeon Woochi drama about? I've only got that there's Taoist magic (omg I love Taoism) and it's a period drama and SNOW!!!!

ETA: I can punctuate sentences....

Edited at 2013-02-14 12:52 am (UTC)
xcherryblossomx 14th-Feb-2013 05:28 am (UTC)
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