B1A4‘s Sandeul has unfortunately undergone surgery on his knee for cartilage damage.

WM Entertainment updated fans on the 13th with the news: “Sandeul felt pain around his knee last week and was diagnosed after visiting the hospital. He was told that it is meniscus injury and after being diagnosed, he underwent surgery.”

Sandeul is resting and although he is fine to go about his daily activities, it is said that he is not ready for stage performances.

A representative commented, “Luckily, B1A4 has ended their album promotions so Sandeul is getting rest and quickly recovering.. He will be taking on the schedules that have been set before, but for the time being, it will be difficult for him to stand on stage and dance.”

We hope Sandeul gets plenty of rest and recovers quickly.

Hankyung via Nate + AKP

Sandeul bb!!! ;A; I hope he gets plenty of time to recover. Thank goodness B1A4 have basically no schedules right now. I hope he sits his butt down on a chair for the whole of the Bana Inauguration this weekend.
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