This weeks episode got subbed pretty fast so enjoy!

Shinee Wonderful Day Ep 3

This episode has tons of London in it which makes OP happy because OP can say 'I use that bus' or 'I walked down there the other day'!

Some thoughts on Ep. 3

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Loved seeing Jonghyun's fanboy side coming out when he saw the giant gundam! He's such a fanboy spending the whole day at anime/manga exhibitions and store! Though it was cool when that One Piece character I think it was blew out smoke!
Minho was too mean to Key! It probs wasn't intentional but I felt so bad for Key in this episode. He seemed kinda lonely if you ask me and lost! Also those people at Trafalgar Square were useless! There was a shortcut Key could have taken if he carried on walking the way he was going then turned right at the left gate...the gate is 20 seconds to Leicester Square...dumb people...He should have gone to see WICKED!!
Taemin..I knew you were clueless but every episode just reminds me....he was adorable though drawing on the train window and writing he loves his mum!
Onew...his toast song is too cute! The yellow bag with the sunglasses...oh you cutie pie! OP just wants to ruffle his hair!

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