Forever Guy Number 3 (Namja Samho) Lee Donghae of Super Junior placed 3rd as the "Most Romantic Guy" in Arirang's K-Pop Award. Donghae served up the romance, posing as the perfect groom, by participating in a wedding theme photoshoot for Cosmopolitan's March 2013 Issue. Currently, Donghae is in Taiwan for Super Junior M promotions, having opened a Belgium Waffles cafe, The Grand Place, with his cousin in Taiwan. Donghae and Super Junior M members Zhoumi, Siwon and Eunhyuk visited The Grand Place where over 500 fans were waiting for them in Taipei.

Below is Donghae's photoshoot from Cosmopolitan, as well as Donghae's cut from Arirang's "Most Romantic Guy" segment and Taiwan's Apple Daily News reporting about Donghae's visit to The Grand Place with SJM.

Donghae as Arirang's #3 Most Romantic Guy Cut
uploaded by laulau1233

Donghae w/ SJM at The Grand Place in Taiwan on 130221
from Taiwan's Apple Daily News
uploaded by laulau1233

Photoshoot Image Credits: Cosmopolitan Korea's website
Youtube Video Credits: laulau1233 for Arirang | and laulau1233 for Taiwan's Apple Daily News

You guys have no idea how tempted I was to make the title: "Donghae Got MARRIED. HUZZAH."
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