Chad Future had a livestream today and answered fans questions. Some of the questions asked included:

Where are you from? Michigan. How did you get in to kpop? H.O.T. then Lollipop with Big Bang/2NE1. What is his plan for this year? Covers in the first half that will work it's way in to original music. He has really big collaborations in store and a top secret project. Craziest thing he's ever done? Breaking on to a airport runway to film a scene with a helicopter for one of his past projects. And much much more..

He also does a mv reaction to a fan requested kpop mv aka SHINee's Dream Girl.

Source: ChadFuture

Gahh seriously the livestream just made me love him even more. He is such a sweet heart! My questions were answered at 26:45 and 52:12. What closet would he want to raid in kpop, what was his favorite kpop song/MV of 2012, and what would he like to see from kpop in 2013?
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