Drama “You’re best Lee sun shin” Teaser Trailer 1# - Eng Sub

[00:01] sunshin(Charlie Chaplin) : my name is Lee Sun Shin!
[00:02] interviewer : is this…..real name? (laugh) Miss. Lee Sun Shin? (laugh together)
[00:05] sunshin : people said “Life is like a theatrical stage”
inter-title : (the Life like a drama)
[00:09] (maybe interview sc?) : for the strong will and sincere attitude…
[00:09] sunshin(CC) : the joy
[00:12] oh? is it true? are you serious? Daebak!
[00:14] sunshin(CC) : and the sorrow
[00:15] loan in my name?
[00:17] and the angry things are happening in our life
[00:19] Nothing is doing well what I wanted. babo(pool)!
[00:22] Cheer up!
[00:23] Hey~! 100won!
[00:25] You’re best Lee sun shin!

source: HL7402 engsub: intothesky
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