EXO-K have been spending their free time doing charity work for child welfare agencies, and now, fans are able to see them in action for the worthy cause.

All six members of EXO-K arrived at the child welfare facility, Eden Iville, in Hawangsimnidong, Seoul on the 22nd. They helped entertain the children and clean the place up during their third visit to the facility.

The members shared their love for children, sharing, “Although we’ve volunteered at various places, we are most happy when we get to meet children.”

Baekhyun, Suho, and D.O. took charge of cleaning the cafeteria, and D.O. showed his experience by stating, “We have to remove the dust first and clean it with water.” Meanwhile, Kai and Sehun took their steam vacuums to the play room, while Chanyeol was left to clean the bathroom. Chanyeol jokingly complained, “I always have to clean the bathroom.”

After cleaning up the children’s center, the members got some time to have fun sharing laughs and playing games with the kids. After entering the nursery, Baekhyun immediately put a little girl on his lap and said, “I saved this for her,” taking out some candy from his pocket to give to the cute toddler. Sehun also looked around for a girl he remembered, saying, “There was a child I really adored, but she moved to the States. Since she was adopted by good parents, it was for the best.”

Although EXO-K could have used their free time to rest up for their busy schedule, they impressed fans by putting volunteer work as a more important priority. Suho shared, “After eating, I should return and practice hard until 1-2 AM in the morning,” revealing just how busy the group really is.

EXO-K gave their farewell greeting to the children after the day was over, stating, “Let’s meet again.”

Source: Allkpop
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