4minute will return to the sound of their debut album.

A representative of 4minute’s agency, Cube Entertainment, has explained, “4minute recently began to record their new album. The direction of the overall concept has been decided and 4minute will show the groovy and powerful sound that they showed during their debut.”

4minute received much love through their fierce and addictive electric sound during their debut, with songs such as “Hot Issue” and “Muzik.” Through this album, 4minute will put their best face forward with a music style that they are most confident in.

The representative continued to explain, “The members have thoroughly participated in the selection of songs, choreography, styling, and more for this album. The ideas and musical inclinations of the members are expected to be incorporated as is for this comeback. The girls will show an upgraded version of their debut concept on stage. This album is also expected to include self-compositions from the members.”

4minute’s new album will be released approximately a year after their 4th mini album, “Volume Up.” 4minute also promoted through their unit 2YOON and actively promoted overseas. 4minute’s new album is expected to release some time between May and June.

SOURCES | 4mf-trans + star today
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