2:14 pm - 04/28/2014

So, What Shade of Lipstick Did Jun Ji Hyun Wear on “Man From the Stars”?

We all know that television can spark fashion and beauty trends, but when’s the last time you heard about a K-Drama that caused an international cosmetic shortage? That’s just what “Man From the Stars” appears to have done. Almost two months after the final episode ended, consumers around the world are trolling makeup counters in the hopes of replicating the hue worn by the drama’s lead actress. But is the lipstick that they’re seeking actually the same one worn by Jun Ji Hyun? Let’s see if we can find out!

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What's your favorite Korean lip product(s)?
Also, am not sure if the 'beauty like oppa/noona' tag can be used for beauty posts that are not tutorials/original posts
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allisnotlost 29th-Apr-2014 03:41 am (UTC)
when i was still in korea i went into the store that sells that IOPE lipstick (aritaum if your curious) and tried all of them on.

they were all horrible on me! they had pictures of JJH all over advertising the lipsticks and they were not sold out.

i dont have jjh's complexion so that might be it. but the colors just dont look the same to me...idk.
xblackchristmas 29th-Apr-2014 07:18 am (UTC)
oh jeesus. honestly anything that can moisturize, unlike lipsticks, would be good to buy. JJH's lips never looked wrinkly. if i put on lipstick, looks like lipstick on a raisin.
tothechangmin 29th-Apr-2014 11:03 am (UTC)
i couldn't stop watching her lips when viewing the drama. i kept telling my brother how strong her lipstick game was and he got so sick of it.

personally for lip products, i think NYX's products are quite long-lasting (especially if you combine lipstick + lipliner), not to mention they smell very good too. i also like revlon's lip products, especially their balm stains. i tend to use the creamy ones because i have dry lips but i have a friend who uses the matte ones and she says they're very good as well!
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