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Taemin's Naver Starcast Interview

[STARCAST] DANGER! ACE Taemin! Steal my heart~!!
naverenter | 2014.08.18 16:58

DANGER~!! It’s my show time (Partial lyric among title song ‘Danger’)
SHINee’s youngest Taemin has released first solo album ‘ACE’, and performing stage full of real man’s force through not only SMTOWN Seoul concert but also through music program~!!
Taemin’s solo stage was never insufficient with song’s completeness, performance, and styling. And today! Taemin’s first solo album ‘ACE’ is unveiled and getting hot love from music fans.
Anniversary of Taemin’s first solo album ‘ACE’! Danger~!!
STARCAST releases Taemin’s stage preparation picture and interview which is as fatal and dangerous as title song ‘Danger’s lyrics, Taemin’s solo album production, and SMTOWN family’s cheering messages~!!



Taemin who we met at the music broadcast waiting room. We could see that he was more nervous than usual since it was his solo stage. We could feel the force of real man who earnestly works from Taemin’s earnest image of preparing the stage alone with amazing concentration in the waiting room which many staffs come and go. ‘Danger’ MV and Taemin’s styling that made headline through music broadcast also outstood definitely.


Props such as dandy but free suit and scarf that vivifies the mood and performance line, stylish accessories and hats vivified the charm of Taemin who changed into a mysterious thief!
We had a short interview with Taemin by using the break time in the middle. Meet Taemin’s interview full of gratitude!

Q. SHINee youngest Taemin. Fans are all amazed at your solo album ‘ACE’ release by going through the long growth. Self-compliment time!
Self-compliment? Haha. First, you have done well.
Since fans have watched my growth period since I was young, I think they were amazed by my growing image. I think I could complete my solo album since fans watched me growing. Thank you really much^^

Q. We heard that you went to the US in order to prepare solo album ‘ACE’. Tell us your story in US.


I spent about a week at Millennium Studio in US in order to practice choreography. It was like a dream. I made special commemoration with not only Ian Eastwood but also other dancers. Also other people prepared a surprise birthday party since I had my birthday at US, and I think it would become a good memory.

Q. Please show off about title song ‘Danger’.


Thomas Troelsen, who is a famous composer of 2014 Brazil World Cup’s theme song, composed title song ‘Danger’. I have the ambition of stealing your hearts by becoming a real ‘mysterious thief’. Haha. Especially, since there are lyrics among ‘Danger’ which says, ‘steal it’, ‘vanish away’, ‘tonight’, and ‘with me’ that vivifies ‘mysterious thief’s characteristics, please pay attention to those points.
Performance story cannot be missed out. I tried my best to show simple performance with trendy style urban dance which is different from SHINee’s performance.

Q. It is said that you have received much help from SMTOWN family………


Yes, members cheered me up through SNS, gave presents individually, and encouraged me on phone… SHINee brothers cared me much. Many SMTOWN family members such as Jonghyun who composed my solo album track ‘Pretty Boy’, TVXQ!’s MAX who composed ‘ACE’ and participated in the chorus, and EXO KAI who participated in featuring ‘Pretty Boy’ gave much help and affection. Since I felt SMTOWN is a real family while I was making this album, I thought I should do my best.

Q. Resolution and goal by starting this solo activity!


I want to put emphasize on the process rather than the result. This was an album which the process of making it with other people’s help was more important than the result, so it’s precious to me. There are much result than expected.
I believe this solo album activity would make a new set up for SHINee to get one more step forward. I want to imprint my own identity as SHINee Taemin, would like to develop and show various images.

Q. Taemin’s first solo album ‘ACE’ is OOO?!
‘Ace of ACE’!


My first solo album is not made by myself but made with many other people and I just came out as representative. I think I could complete this solo album through many ACE people’s help. That is why I think I wasn’t lonely although it is my first solo activity. I think I feel sufficient differently from SHINee although I feel slightly empty without other members. I thank them so much:)

Taemin speaks prettily. No wonder why he gets so much love from SMTOWN family and fans. Shining cheering squad came by Taemin who finished short interview~!!

#SHINee’s Back #Taemin is Back #I Love You Taemin

SHINee visited the waiting room by themselves in order to cheer up Taemin who would be nervous~!! Onew, Minho, and Jonghyun visited the waiting room excluding Key who couldn’t come due to individual schedule, practiced choreography, gave and took jokes with Taemin and made him laugh~!! SHINee’s team work shined as usual~!!
Members left cheering messages secretly without making Taemin notice. Shall we check out members’ ardent cheering message?!

Cheering message from SHINee members

Onew: “Our youngest Taemin~!! We expect active performance of Taemin who is in the center not alone although he performs in solo~!!”
Minho: “Since you have been preparing for this album for a long time although you would be nervous and worrying about it, I hope and believe you would do well, and become you that put emphasis on the process rather than the result. Go Go~!!”
Key: “I congratulate Taemin’s first solo album ‘ACE’s release~!! While Taemin was preparing solo album, I told several stories to him. I hope you would do well since I believe you would! I’m so happy as I’m your brother!! GOGO~!!”
Jonghyun: “I believe Taemin’s ability of making smart stage performance would get recognized since he has gone through much hardship. Taemin, what words do you need~?! GOGO!!”

#At the SMTOWN Seoul Concert #We support you

Taemin’s first solo album ‘ACE’ was supported not only by SHINee members but also SMTOWN family. TVXQ!’s MAX who composed ‘ACE’ and participated in the chorus, and EXO KAI who showed off deep friendship by participating in featuring ‘Pretty Boy’ also sent cheering messages for Taemin who is performing solo~!!


MAX: “I sincerely congratulate Taemin’s first solo album~!! Since the first solo album of Taemin whose performance and singing ability is great, fans would also like it much. Taemin has prepared so hard. I hope many people would like it since various colors and charms of solo artist Taemin would be exposed to fans that differ from SHINee Taemin. I congratulate once again!

KAI: “First of all, I want to convey the message of congratulating the release of first solo album ‘ACE’ of Taemin who is my senior and an old friend. I have taken the role of featuring ‘Pretty Boy’, and I think it’s an honor since it’s my first collaboration with Taemin. I look forward to my senior and old friend that always do the best and great effort. Senior Taemin, GOGO!!”

#SMTOWN youngest Red Velvet also supports senior Taemin!

 Taemin who got full support from SHINee SMTOWN family finally finished and came down the stage of title song ‘Danger’ which intense performance outstands and smooth track ‘Ace’ this day too.

#DANGER #ACE Taemin #Steal my heart~!!

Taemin has earnestly begun his solo activity by staging in weekend music broadcast, and releasing first solo album ‘ACE’ today. We expect what kind of amazement and joy he would give to fans through his various changes from now on. Please give continuous cheers to Taemin.
Lastly, present for fans~!!

#‘Danger’ Taemin

Thank you : )

Writing/Picture = SM Entertainment

scheisse 20th-Aug-2014 02:05 pm (UTC)
onew looks so cute in that first picture.
gray_fairy 20th-Aug-2014 02:16 pm (UTC)
members cheered me up through SNS, gave presents individually, and encouraged me on phone…
They gave him presents and all. So cute.
One of the things I'm enjoying the most about this is seeing SHINee's closeness tbh.

zuluuluz 20th-Aug-2014 02:43 pm (UTC)
All the SHINee feels from this post I can't. They need to comeback early next year :((
gray_fairy 20th-Aug-2014 02:45 pm (UTC)
OT (?) but a friend told me that Taemin hinted a possible solo for other members in the future. Praying it's Jjong and Onew tbh.
I mean, it's the only possible choice because Minho can't sing for shit and Key already debuted with 2hearts.
seroquels 20th-Aug-2014 03:42 pm (UTC)
Dear lord let it be true and let it be Jonghyun or Onew.
gray_fairy 20th-Aug-2014 03:46 pm (UTC)
Or a duet a la Wookey lol.
seroquels 20th-Aug-2014 03:54 pm (UTC)
Lol that is also acceptable
achan123 20th-Aug-2014 02:45 pm (UTC)
why is everyone saying "gogo" at the end of the message???
ababobaby 20th-Aug-2014 03:01 pm (UTC)
;________________; shinee ot5 i miss u
hipployta 20th-Aug-2014 03:15 pm (UTC)
Awww....Taeminnie and Shinee
frendlyscholar 20th-Aug-2014 04:27 pm (UTC)
He doesn't look that much taller than RV here, but they look really short in music show endings...maybe they're standing on something?

aww shinee
amandaplan 20th-Aug-2014 04:33 pm (UTC)
the face he made in that second group picture at smtown lol
gathyou 20th-Aug-2014 05:40 pm (UTC)
I love SHINee. That's it, that's what I remember from the post.
I'm also happy for Taemin. I've been jamming to his mini the whole day !
lycorisc 21st-Aug-2014 09:06 am (UTC)
i love shinee and i love him and i think it's not empty words when he said that he really didn't feel too alone doing this solo because of the abundant support <3 so happy for him and what he achieved
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