6:00 pm - 02/01/2018

"Misty" Teasers

JTBC drama Misty, directed by PD Mo Wan-il, is about the nation’s top TV anchor Go Hye-ran, played by Kim Nam-joo. She becomes the leading suspect in a murder case, and her husband ends up as her legal counsel in a case that tests their love to the brink.

Ji Jin-hee will play her husband, a public defender who comes from prosecutor roots. Jeon Hye-jin plays a woman who willingly sacrifices herself to become a silent supporter. Musical actor Im Tae-kyung makes his first debut in dramas in Misty as a mysterious figure with a hidden secret. And then there’s a whole slew of veterans in the cast including Ahn Nae-sang, Lee Kyung-young, Kim Bo-yeon, and Lee Ah-hyun.

Misty premieres on JTBC on Friday, February 2.

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timetobegin 2nd-Feb-2018 07:52 am (UTC)
This is the year where I really get into Kdrama, I can feel it.
hibaalhadid 2nd-Feb-2018 09:50 am (UTC)
looks interesting
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