1:09 am - 10/01/2010

U-Kiss Official picture + Break Time's Lyrics Preview

The first line of each track of U-Kiss' Break Time Mini-Album
1. Before Yesterday (Intro)
U-KISS yeah

2.시끄것 (Shut Up!)
Oppa hates you, Oppa doesn't want to listen to you

3.Light It Up
Don't lie, start to love again without me

4.Rock Ya Body
Hey little mama

I want it, your breathing soul, alone with me through the night

Source: Rocketboxx

Lol, at some of the lines.
Look forward to U-Kiss' title song "Shut Up".
And more info, all the boys had dye their hair to brown or black for their MV shoot.
taecish 30th-Sep-2010 02:10 pm (UTC)
oppa h8s u

new omona catchphrase
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