8:12 am - 01/27/2012

Kim Heechul wins at Military Service duties

Kim Heechul has been selected to be an internet broadcasting radio DJ of the Seongdong District Office where he is currently stationed.

An insider from Seongdong District Office informed TVReport on January 26th, “Kim Heechul is currently leading the ‘Radio You Can See – A Place Of Rest‘ radio program that is broadcasted through our homepage, and the first broadcast aired last week on January 20th.”

They continued, “Kim Heechul was responsible for filming and editing video footage to advertise the Seongdong District Office, but because of his experience and previous exposure to the media, we thought it be a better fit for him to be a DJ.”

Every Friday, the singer will be sharing news related to the Seongdong District Office with the public for 50 minutes. He reads stories that people send in, and has been praised for making a very natural transition into a radio DJ. The original DJ had taken on a different job, and the position immediately became available for him.

But the insider from the office showed some concern stating, “Everyone in the military is well aware that Kim Heechul will be well able to promote and advertise all things related to the Seoungdong District Office, however, we are a little concerned that others may disapprove of him taking on this new role.”

This is usually a program for the Seongdong District Office employees, but more people tuned in than usual for last week’s first broadcast, causing our servers to crash,” the insider continued. “If we continue to receive a positive reaction, we have plans to let Kim Heechul lead the program until he is discharged.”

In related news, Kim Heechul enlisted in the Korean military last September and is currently stationed at the Seongdong District Office.

Source: TVReport via Naver , allkpop, tumblr

Of course Heechul scores a job like a radio show.

simplyobessed 27th-Jan-2012 07:45 pm (UTC)
lol not surprised. Thats my bias! <333
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