The Wonder Girls member Sohee showed how to rock the bad girl musician look flawlessly. The photoshoot for “Vogue Girl” features a Sohee that looks somewhat like a bad girl rocker. Her eyes look rebellious and are very intense. However, even though she portrays a hard exterior, one can still see the somewhat cute and goofy inner side of Sohee.

In the various pictures, Sohee is wearing different clothes. However, her lithe body is highlighted no matter what she wears. In most of the pictures, she is posing with instruments such as a rock guitar, microphone cord, amp, and drums.

Because of Sohee’s charisma one can easily envision her as a rock star instead of a member of a female idol group.

Sohee’s stylish photoshoot will be released in the April edition of “Vogue Girl.”

but wait!! there's moar! no hq scans yet tho:

Group Wonder Girls’ Sohee has no need for retouching thanks to her perfect skin.

The photo above was posted on several online community boards recently under the title, ‘Sohee’s skin does not need retouching’.

Sohee took part in a photo shoot for a makeup brand recently. Sohee looked charismatic at times and at times she looked like an innocent young girl, she had successfully displayed many different concepts.

As one can tell from the left image before the retouching, there’s absolutely no imperfection on her skin even compared to the right image which is after retouching. In a close up shot without retouching, it’s quite remarkable how beautiful she looks in her natural skin.

Netizens commented on Sohee’s before and after photos, “Sohee truly does not need retouching”, “Her skin is like an artwork”, “Photoshop? That’s not for Sohee”, “Sohee has so many different charms about her”, and so on.

Sauces: Soompi 1, 2, 3, 4; Cyworld; Nate & KpopFever

Goddess of the fabulous single eyelids and flawless hair cape. ♥ btw it was the BTS of the Nylon/MAC shoot that was posted--not the actual photos yet.
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