8:52 am - 06/08/2012

'Running Man' will have a mystery zombie race

The ‘Running Man‘ members are taking a school trip on this week’s episode, which will feature a mystery race.

The members will transform into Running High School students and race for the mission theme, “Strange School Trip“. All of the running man members will wear school uniforms and rank each other for various categories, including “dance king” and “smart looks”.

After going around Incheon, the members arrive at their quarters in Muui Island. During the campfire, they reminiscence about their high school memories and share, “Today really feels like a school trip.” However, as soon as the race starts, their attitudes change, and they become nervous, commenting, “This is the first time going through a scary race like today’s.”

During the race, the members discover the shocking secret that one of them is actually a zombie. They are unable to trust each other as they can’t distinguish who is human and who is a zombie.

The ‘Strange School Trip’ episode will be airing on June 10th at 6:10 pm KST.

Source+Picture: Star News via Nate + akp

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domokuniscute 8th-Jun-2012 03:16 pm (UTC)
like a real haunted episode? some group adventure race in the dark or smth would be fun lol (ala jihyo's FO episode?) Or maybe bring out 300 extras and get them to find the antidote and rescue the members /toomuchzombiegames
zeldas 8th-Jun-2012 03:32 pm (UTC)
oh god, to see the FO haunted factory episode happening again with the current cast...
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