10:02 am - 06/19/2012

Wooyoung becomes the next 2PM member to grace the cover of ‘Men’s Health’



Following the footsteps of other 2PM members, Wooyoung scored his very own chance of gracing the cover of ‘Men’s Health‘ magazine!

In the July issue of the magazine, Wooyoung shows off his rock hard body as the fourth member of 2PM to be featured on the cover.

Despite handling his busy schedule, the member still found the time to keep up with his exercise routines and meal plans to sculpt his body, wowing those on set with his wide, muscular shoulders and sexy abs.

Wooyoung took active part in the shoot, themed “the future warrior who fell into a time in the past”, even coming up with his own suggestions for props.

A staff member on set praised, “It was impressive to see Wooyoung training three to four times harder than other cover models even before his shoot, which exposed a lot of upper body.”

asnindie 19th-Jun-2012 06:15 pm (UTC)
Girls it's not worth it tbh. The treadmill will always be the love of his life.
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